April 25, 2008
I open my home and welcome others with music and love. My guests are like a loving family to me.

It has officially been a bad week and I have decisions to make. Relating to my job. I've realized some things and I'm having to make some things happen. That's all I will say now.

We have plans to have dinner tonight, I'm looking forward to relaxing and talking to my Mamacita and brother at dinner. And I plan to go to a WW meeting either Saturday or Sunday morning. I'm also going to check out a morning Farmers Market and hoping that they have some good, fresh, and local produce.

Only other thing on the agenda is to get some reading and knitting done. I'm into a good book, The Friday Night Knitter's Club by Kate Jacobs. And I finished the Lace Ribbon Scarf so I need to block that and then I'll show you pics. Now I want to make one in alpaca or cashmere.


Blogger Laane said...

I'm sorry the job isn't going right.
I hope you can choose for what's good for you.

Blogger Lorraine said...

Here's to a better week. Onward and upward.

Blogger Deana said...

I hope this week will be much better...and brighter!

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