April 5, 2008
Saturday Sky #4

Um, notice how lately my pics have that weird color stripe on the top? Mamacita accidentally dropped the digital camera. Perhaps we will have to get it looked at. This Saturday Sky is a cloudy one again. We've had some clouds and light rain this week, but the clouds this morning are surprising. I think it'll clear. I hope so because my friend is having a yard sale today and I'd hate for her to get rained on.
I woke up at 4:30 this a.m. because of someones snoring.... and then I got up and had a coughing fit and I guess I woke my Auntie. And I'm quite disappointed that I'm on day 7 since feeling the sore throat and I'm still this sick.
My Auntie doesn't want to go to dinner tonight, which I'm not disappointed with because of how I feel. So we're ordering our favorite pizza tonight.
I hope my 3rd skein of Malabrigo comes today because I'm almost done knitting the 2nd skein on my Clapotis.
Enjoy your Saturday!



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