May 7, 2008
It is okay to make noise. I express myself freely and joyously.

Mamacita, Julie and I went to an Ayurvedic Workshop last night at a yoga studio. We weren't sure what to expect. None of us are into yoga right now but I would like to be someday. I know that I have to make exercise or movement of some type part of my day because of my general health but also because it would enhance my weight loss. So I've been contemplating taking some private yoga classes and I discussed this yesterday with the yoga instructor. She and another person who turned out to be her teacher suggested that that would be a great way to start. It's really embarrassing and awful to feel so limited sometimes. I just could not face going to a yoga class with others who are skinny and nimble and adept at yoga and trying to fit in. I knew I'd feel like a huge albatross fish out of water! So Mamacita and I may take a few classes together.

I've drug my poor Mamacita to a yoga class before. Several years ago and we can only laugh about it now, but at the time it wasn't so funny I guess. Let's just say that the beginning class was not exactly for beginners! But we tried! So the fact that I can get her to try again, well I give her credit for doing it.

So this studio is quite small and there were no chairs for us to sit and I just knew that I could not sit on the floor for 1.5 hours nor could Julie and Mamacita, so we got their early and planted our tushies on the only bench in the room with just enough room for our arses. It was not exactly comfortable but we did OK.

The Ayurvedic teacher was delightful. I loved her. She's from Australia but married to an American now and I was riveted by the basics of Ayurveda. And came to find out that I do some ayurveda things already without knowing it but haven't done them in awhile. Tongue scraping is one thing that helps get rid of toxins and helps your mouth health, I've done it in the past, but have to start again. Another is using a neti pot. And when she mentioned it, it hit me and I felt like an idiot. Here I am using a cortisone inhaler, nose spray, Zyrtec and another inhaler for allergies, etc. and I never thought of using my neti pot. I mean, duh! I'm the one who tells everyone else who suffers with any ailment above the shoulders that they should try a neti pot, but when I suffer, I didn't even think of it. Well I'll start that again too. We also learned about doshas, and how ayurveda treats the body, not disease. We learned about oil massage which I'm definitely going to start, once I find a good massage oil. You oil your body using massage to put it on your whole body, and then you let it sit and soak in, massage in again and then you shower and rinse it off. The teacher said she hasn't used soap on her skin for years. She talked about how good food and certain foods can help balance whatever ails you.

So now I'm trying to find out more information on Ayurveda. What I'd really like to do is start being treated by this teacher but it's initially some big money (for me), totally worth it I am sure, I mean if we should splurge on anything it should be ourselves and our health, so I'll see if I can save up for it. In the meantime I'll try to do other small changes.



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