May 3, 2008
Saturday Sky #7

Saturday Sky~Southern California 5/3/08

It's a beautiful morning here. The skies are blue with just a few wispy clouds here and there. The heat will be mild today, maybe in the 70's.

We have lots to do around the house today, I have some laundry to do. I need to soak and block a scarf and pair of socks and block them. I'm getting ready to finish my clapotis and then I'll need to block that too. And I'm also working on a crochet skirt that I was asked to make. I haven't crocheted in awhile, so it's kind of interesting. I'm enjoying this project so far. It's crocheted squares that I will piece together. Should be cute.

We plan to take my brother to the Farmers Market today and we also may go to the movies. Busy, busy!

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