June 7, 2008
Look what my Saucy Pal sent me!

I'm a lucky gal, I received my Saucy Spring Swap package just a bit ago. I had just written about wondering when I'd get my package, and there it was. My Mamacita teased me because the mailman brought her a couple packages and she teased that it must be for me b/c she thinks I spend too much on getting packages. Ya, well, I may, but I don't go to Marshall's every day and spend money and it's kind of the same thing. So anyway...I got the package and knew it was from my Pal and could tell her, that this was a GIFT, a swap, and I didn't order anything. So there.

My package came from Lisa in Washington and I cannot find a link to a blog, so sorry about that. Look what she sent me.

The socks are just lovely and they fit perfectly. She also sent a Mary Engelbreit writing pad and some french vanilla soap. The knitting is lovely and I love the colors. Thank you Lisa!

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