July 1, 2008
Bad Blogger...but look what I've been up to.

So, we went to Las Vegas last Monday. Four of us girls got on the road around 5 pm and had a welcome uneventful drive to Sin City. I had to fight some car sickness so I was in the back looking outside a lot. This is Caesar's Palace, we walked thru that evening to be sure we knew where to go the following morning to get in line for a taping of The View. Caesar's is really pretty, I'd love to stay there someday.
The lovely Elizabeth Hasselbeck, she really is pretty and friendly, she came up and we touched hands, she was very personable.
I thought Whoopi really looked great. She's so funny. I think she's my favorite.
A group shot and I have to tell you that Sherrie came by us and we got to see her legs because she's wearing shorts. I wonder if she has a dance background, she has strong, muscular and nice legs.

This is some silly woman after having a shot of Tequila at the restaurant Margaritaville. We had a nice dinner there.
The night before while in Caesars we heard he was just there, near the casino, we went to scope it out and I found him! I ran after him and called him and asked if we could take a pic with him. He was so nice! He's just adorable. It was a highlight for me!
And here is David getting ready to perform for us Tuesday. He did a great job and I'm now a true fan. I can't wait for his CD to come out. We hoped to get on TV because we waited in line from 4 am and had #11,12,13,14 and had a good chance of being close but as luck would have it we were sat right behind the main camera. But my cousin and me were on TV for just a little bit when someone was introducing the next guess. I got it on DVR, vut not sure how to get a screen shot to show you!

So, I've been doing some knitting too, a lot of knitting actually. This pair is called Waving Lace Socks from the Favorite Socks book again and I loved this pattern. I used Lorna's Laces yarn and they are really comfy.And this is my version of going green! This is a knit market bag that I made out of recycled plastic bags from Walmart, Vons, Stater Bros. I saw a tutorial on how to cut them to get one long strip and then you end up with plastic strip yarn. I made up this pattern and like it. I filled it with fruit and it works like I wanted it to. So next time I go to the farmers market, I'll bring my recycled market bag! Cool, huh?

I've been busy plurking too! Come join the party. You can go to my plurk page on my left hand side bar, come and add me as a friend! My user name is mitchypoo. Plurk is slightly addictive, but it's fun.

We're going to my cousins on Friday for a BBQ and to celebrate her birthday! Looking forward to it!

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