July 12, 2008
Salsa Recipe

I just made this homemade Salsa and someone asked me for the recipe. I've made this several times, adapted from a recipe from my ex-SIL who was mexican and now I have my own version of it. It's changed from her boiling all the tomatoes and peppers to me broiling most of them. So here you go...

Mitchypoo's Salsa

2 pasilla peppers
1-2 jalapenos
1-2 serrano peppers
1-2 yellow peppers
1 anaheim pepper
6-8 tomatillos
2 cloves garlic
1/2 bunch cilantro
2 tsp. salt
3-4 tomatoes

Wash all the peppers and tomatoes, de-skin the garlic gloves. Roast the pasilla peppers over an open flame until they char and blacken. Roast on a dry skillet the other peppers, tomatillos and whole cloves of garlic or broil all of them for about 10 minutes, checking often.

Cool peppers. De-seed and de-vein the pasilla, jalapeno and serrano peppers. I do not remove the char from the pasilla peppers, it gives it a smoky taste. Cut all peppers and tomatillos and tomatoes into large chunks and put in blender or food processor. Add salt, chopped cilantro and pulse or mix until slightly chunky. Will seem a little watery at first.

Makes about a quart. Serve with chips, eggs or with your favorite items. Enjoy!



Blogger Life's a Stitch said...

That's a lot of peppers.

Blogger Marsha said...

I've never used seraano peppers or anaheim peppers. I'm not even sure I can get those around here or at least not in most stores. Sounds great though. I love salsa!

Blogger cropangel said...

Your salsa recipe sounds yummy!!

your blog is also really fun to read

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