August 20, 2008
Wordless Wednesday, etc.

Wouldn't you like to be that comfortable? I would, I'd love to find that perfect spot to lie down on, and lose myself to restful sleep and not have a care in the world. I've always said I'd like to be reincarnated into a pampered cat. Pampered meaning that I wouldn't have to deal with the elements, wouldn't have to hunt for food, would have a soft comfy bed in the morning sunlight and have my food bowl constantly filled, eat whenever I wanted to.

So I obviously haven't gotten back to my old blogging self, but perhaps I've improved a little in the last couple weeks. Still, I blame, it sucks time away from me, but is fun, it's very interactive and I like communicating that way. I'm mitchypoo on plurk if you'd like to friend me.

I've got a new pen pal thru the Plurkette Hencircle and have a received a lovely, long letter from her. She's from the UK, on the coast and is quite interesting. I'm enjoying getting to know her. Hi Peri, if you are reading!

My tummy issues have continued and I'm doing what I can to try to heal myself. Well, I'm working with Eleni, my ayurveda practitioner, I'm not doing it all on my own. My diet is really good and I'm really enjoying it too. I'm limiting my wheat to see if that helps. I'm listening to my body as far as hunger goes and that is working for me.

And amazing things are happening, such as because I'm eating so well, my headaches are improving, and I'm not so lethargic. I'm enjoying the changes and trying to just keep it up, it's a change and I want it to become a habit, a daily routine. I'm also taking some herbs before and after meals and we'll see how that goes. The one herb mixture is not in capsules and I'm suppose to put it in some warm water and drink and I'm sorry but it's just NASTY! It has fennel in it, and I don't like the anise flavor, and it's gritty, oh, i may have to go buy some capsules. It's new too, so I'll continue and work it out somehow.

I've lost 25 lbs. total and tonight is weigh in and I'm hoping I've lost more, we'll see. We don't have a scale at home that works, so weigh in is it, so I have to judge by how I feel and right now, I feel like it could go either way. Be optimistic. Right? I think I've lost, and I want to see a loss, but truly even if I have gained, I feel better and that's more important.

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Blogger Cathy said...

Well done Michele. Keep it up!

I miss the old days where I come home from work in the afternoon and sleep for 12-15 hours. I feel so good the next day. These days? When you got kids, hard to get that kind of sleep anymore.

Happy Wednesday!

Blogger Becky :) said...

I love the picture of the cat. I would love to get that comfy. Right now I think I could with how tired I am. Thanks for the comments on my blog.
I hope your weigh in is sucessful tonight. Great job!!!

Anonymous Lina said...

I love the way cats sleep. Like children. Compleatly and Fully. Why cant an adult sleep so well. :)

Blogger Barbara Doduk said...

So cuddly. I love kitties.

Happy WW

B @ The Love Blog

Blogger Sioux said...

Love the kitty. My father-in-law always said he wanted to come back as a Seibert (our surname) cat. My mother-in-law responded once with a smile, "yes, fixed!"

Anonymous elaine said...

Hi there! thanks for stopping by.. love the pic, i often envy my wee chihuahua for the way she sleeps, no insomnia, no waking up in pain.. aaaah

Blogger Not Your Aunt Bea said...

Love the photo! Like one in a calendar or ad. Congrats on your weight loss. Inspiring.
Happy WW!

Blogger keiki3 said...

I'd LOVE to sleep like that... nice photo!

Blogger Channah said...

I'd love to be able to sleep like a cat. Unfortunately, lately I've been sleeping like a baby, which isn't much.

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