October 6, 2008
"No one can criticize me without my permission." -- Eleanor Roosevelt

I've totally lost my blogging mojo but have made a personal goal to blog every day this week, starting today.

Things here at home have been so so. My brother has been really acting up and it puts a lot of pressure on us. He got a good talking to this weekend by Mamacita so we'll see if it improves.

Loved that we had clouds and thunder and rain and drizzle most of Saturday. It was suddenly feeling like Autumn although today we're getting hotter temps again and for most of the week it'll be hot, even in the 90's. Oh well. The cooler temps will be here soon enough.

We went to an adult bday party at the bowling alley on Saturday evening and it was a lot of fun! I bowled 2 games and my first ball was a strike! Surprised. I did OK the first game, bowling a 133 but I got really tired the second game and totally sucked and bowled a 75! It was a lot of fun though.
Tonight I'm going to watch the Viking game against the Saints. Go Vikings!!
I've finished the February Lady Sweater in a pretty Cascade 220 green heather yarn called Irelande, which I just love. Finally, a sweater that I will actually wear! I had almost a whole skein left over, so I made my own design for a February Lady hat. Whatcha think?

I may even get some wear out of the hat!

I started dating someone, we only saw each other twice, he seemed so into me, but he's stopped calling. Not sure why, but whatever. I'm not really upset about it, so I guess I wasn't that into him.

My health seems to be improving, my stomach troubles are not such an issue, thank goodness. I've been taking ayurvedic supplements and they really seem to have helped. Maybe I can go without them now and see if the changes are lasting.

And as things are improving, the headaches are better too, but I got a horrible one yesterday and ended up in bed. I think it was the beer at the bowling party. Beer is suppose to be healthier for me right now, but I don't think it agreed with me at all.

I'm going to a funeral tomorrow, my cousin's MIL passed away. She had a battle with diabetes and just recently had a stroke. The family unfortunately is already arguing about "stuff" which I feel bad about. So I'm off to make an orzo salad and a shrimp mold for the reception tomorrow. Have a great day!

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Blogger TeaMouse said...

Your hat turned out very nice - I am planning on doing the February sweater after my Christmas knitting is done.

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