October 8, 2008
"Real happiness is when you are happy for no reason at all~you are simply being." -- Deepak Chopra

The strangest thing happened last night. I have had a headache for a couple days now and it was just a dull ache, I thought it might be allergies or sinus, but after getting home last night I very quickly started feeling flu like. I was hot and sweaty, I started sneezing, my head got all stuffy, body aches...what the hell?? So someone on plurk told me about trying Emergen-C which I like the sound of because it's natural and it can help lessen the effects of a cold/flu. So I went down to the drug store and found some and also some cold tea. This morning I feel like a truck hit me. I have no appetite and want to go back to bed.

And then I heard some really bad news. My BFF's Dad has an inoperable tumor in a very bad place and they are doing a biopsy on Monday to see if it's cancerous. Any prayers for Dave would be appreciated. It's never a good time for news like this. I guess it's the unknown that bothers me. And I see how stressful it is for my BFF and her Mother. Healing prayers please...

It's suppose to be really hot here today in Southern Cali so it's a little difficult to know that it's Autumn. I asked people on plurk what is their favorite thing about Autumn and the responses were cool. People mentioned cooler temps, leaves changing, the smell of the air, pumpkin lattes, wearing socks, wearing sweaters. There is so much to love about this time of year. My body does feel the changes even though we don't get a lot of the signs, like the leaves changing. My neighbor across the street has a couple big trees that do change and for that I'm grateful because it makes me remember.



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