October 10, 2008
"When all your desires are distilled You will cast just two votes: To love more, And be happy." -- Hafiz

I had kind of a crappy day, but I'm feeling better. I sat at the DMV for over an hour, to find out that they couldn't help me until I get some other paperwork. And you know, the chairs suck at the DMV. Although I have to say I like how they do the number thing calling your number to a window, it's so much easier.

So I'm looking at blogs tonight and I have a new favorite blog, Confessions of a Pioneer Woman. Today's posting is just the cutest thing introducing you to Charlie. I've had 2 basset hounds in the past and they are such wonderful dogs. She is right, their lips are just so sweet, they are like velvet. You will end up feeling their lips and the dog will look at you like you are weird. And how can you resist those eyes? Oh, I miss my bassets. I had a male named Zachary and a female named Daphne. Someday, maybe I'll be ready to have a dog again. I'm not sure I want to let my heart get so attached as I did to Simba. I can't go there now. Not yet. Anyways, you may want to go have a look see at her site, and even her comments are ridiculous. And there are LOTS of them! Listen to the audios of her and her retarded brother. Don't get all PC on me, that's what she calls him. The calls are really cute and funny and ultimately heartwarming.

I did go have my Vietnamese sandwich today and it was really good. And cheap. And they asked if I wanted chili and i was thinking sambal and I said yes, and so they added sliced longways jalapenos, of which i couldn't really handle and took out, no biggee. It was a good, cheap lunch.


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