November 22, 2008
Just do it...please.

Please click the eggs for me, I'm trying to figure out this stupid game... Just click, you don't have to do anything else, don't have to sign up, none of that. Thank you!
Adopt one today!
Adopt one today!

I have been going to a Chinese Doctor and acupuncturist for almost a month now and I am really amazed at how much my health has improved. Today I went and it's kind of interesting how she does it. She takes your pulse and looks at your tongue. My tongue shows that I have a cold. I asked if she meant cold like temperature or sick cold, she said, no like kid sick. My pulse is weak and deep and I have a pale tongue and purple on the bottom. Then she put the acupuncture needles on my ankles, toes, legs, belly, hands and arms. Then I get to relax in almost darkness. It's hard to not fall asleep. She comes in after 15 minutes and adjusts the needles. Oh, she also puts a heat lamp over me which feels nice. Then I turn over and she put needles on my ankles, legs, low back and up my spine. It was kind of funny, because one of the back needles sent like a surge of energy, and a little pain and i kicked my leg up. That never happened before. Then after a half hour she removed those needles and gave me a small massage and I was good to go.

I have more energy. I feel rested in the morning. I can ride in the car without the deep back/butt pain. I can get up off a chair without help. My tummy issues have all but disappeared. And...I'm losing weight. I've lost about 3-4 lbs. since I've started seeing her. I'm so happy.

Between seeing my Ayurveda practitioner and the Chinese Dr. I'm good.

I have gotten lots of stash and also some spinning fiber, but I'm too lazy to take pics right now. I'll do it soon. Oh, and I have some highlighting to do of a jewelry maker that I just love.

Off to bed for me. Good night.

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Anonymous vtknitboy said...

good for you! i've been interested in TCM (traditional chinese medicine) for years, and have paid more attention to my diet and life in the past 15 years than ever. we have much to learn! keep it up!

Blogger kc_froglady said...

sounds like you really enjoy the acupuncture - I have always wanted to try it but I fear the pain of the needles?!?!?

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