November 5, 2008
"The love of our neighbor in all its fullness simply means being able to say to him, 'What are you going through?'" -- Simone Weil

I went to see an acupuncturist yesterday. My best friend was referred to her awhile ago because of her back issues. She went reluctantly, never having tried anything remotely "alternative". She went because her insurance company referred her, but not thinking it would help her. From the first time she went I've been hearing how amazed she is that acupuncture actually works. She's had remarkable improvement in her back and pain issues. So after hearing me complain about headaches, and I did have a headache for 4-5 days a couple weeks ago, she suggested I try going to her. So we went together yesterday and I love this woman! It was a nice, soothing, peaceful office, she sat and talked to me for a bit for some medical background and then she had me lay down on the table on my back. She put needles on my feet, ankles, leg, all around my belly button and my hands and wrists. Then I relaxed for half an hour with the lights off, she came in half way through to adjust the needles and get my chi moving. It was not painful. Then she had me turn over and she did "cupping massage". I'd never had that done before but would give it a try because my lower back has been bothering me this last week. It's a glass cup, like a bowl and she's able to suck the air out of it and then she moved it back and forth on my lower back and up and down my spine. It actually was a little painful but not unbearable but I had the feeling that I could suffer through it and I somehow knew it would help. It felt like she did it for a long time, because it was painful, but the most wonderful thing happened. When I came out of the office, I instantly felt better! And I sat on a chair to write my check, and I told Julie, look, and was able to get up from the chair, without hanging on to the table, I just sat up with no pain! Sounds odd, but it's the truth. And this morning, I woke up and although I have a lot of soreness from the cupping, I think I slept better, because I woke up early and was rested! I'm going again next week and I can't wait!

I went to Weight Watchers tonight and I lost another 3 lbs! I'm thinking I may stop going to meetings for awhile. I really love WW, but I'm having car issues and I've made meetings about 1x a month, so I may stop and put the money toward the acupuncture.

So I finally took a pic of my February Lady Sweater! I wore it Saturday to a birthday party. It's really warm being 100% wool, but I really loved wearing it. I'm working on another February Lady Sweater in an alpaca blend, can't wait to finish it.

This is our beautiful Christmas Cactus. Already blooming. But there's a little story behind it. I got this plant in Minnesota about 7 years ago and it was in a little pot and it sit in my kitchen in MN and never grew, never bloomed. When Mamacita came to MN to help me move, I was going to throw out the sad, pathetic thing, but Mom said, no, don't throw that away. So whatever, I packed it away. Then it sat in the kitchen window in CA until this March when my Aunt Angie came to visit from MN and she suggested it be repotted into this pot and put outside. And look at it now! I just can't believe it's so huge and blooming! It's glorious.

And this is how I spent some of my Saturday. A birthday party for Julie's twin girls. They had a fabulous time!

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Blogger Ada said...

I am glad you feel better. And so good for you to loose another 3 lbs. Great sweater also

Blogger peri said...

Gorgeous February Lady Sweater. The colour really suits you.

p.s thanks for the letter ;-)

Blogger kc_froglady said...

your sweater is so lovely! Oh I long to be able to knit and wear things like that...alas my ailing hands don't permit it :(

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