December 26, 2008

Christmas was quiet but very nice. Santa was very nice, and he brought cashmere! I received 2 really lovely cashmere sweaters. One I am wearing today and thank goodness because this may be southern CA, but BRRRR! It's suppose to get below freezing tonight, I do not remember it ever being this cold here. Anyway, this pic is of a ring Mamacita gave me. I just love it, it's silver and amber. Santa also brought Michael Kors Bermuda perfume, a yoga mat, yoga dvd, Duffy and John Legend CD, lip gloss, makeup kit, chinese cooking book, Martha Stewart's Cooking School book, martini glasses and a raincheck for a wii fit b/c it was sold out! My brother got a wii console with the sports game package and dang if i can figure out how to set it up. I'll keep trying.
Tom enjoyed us opening presents Christmas morning too.

Here is our tree pre-opening.

This is the only knitted gift I gave this holiday season. It's the wavy lace pattern and it's blocking here. It really was lovely after blocking. It felt really nice and the best part was the recipient absolutely loved it and it looked lovely on her. I knew this was for her after I met her.

We were suppose to go to a family celebration today but Mamacita wasn't feeling well. I'm bummed we missed it. And I just found out that my cousin found out tonight that she is going to be a Grandma! How exciting! I was also suppose to meet a special someone, a new family member at the gathering today. I hope to meet them soon.
And oh, the food! We made lasagna for Christmas eve, Rib Eye roast for Christmas day, tamales Christmas morning. Oh, my poor tummy. I'm not used to eating like this anymore, although I thoroughly enjoyed it.
I have acupuncture tomorrow morning. And then Sunday and Monday are the services for my best friend's Father. I'm going to help with the food and set-up on Monday. What a horrible end to the year with his passing. I'm already feeling the new year jitters and all I can say is I'm hoping 2009 has much better things in store for me. For all of us. Seems everyone has been touched by job loss, the sagging economy, just worried about the future. It has to be better, right?

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