April 1, 2009
I Want Wednesdays

What wild animal do you want to see close up? (assuming its not going to eat you)
My mom has a boss who just returned from a trip to Africa. They went on Safari's and said it was unbelievable and the pictures are stunning. I think I would love to see the Elephants and the Hippo's. I think Elephants are just majestic and hippos make me laugh and I think they are cute. But I also know that hippos are very dangerous and should not be underestimated. Someday I'd love to go on Safari.

What else do you want this week? Feel free to share it all.
Well, I'm taking a quick trip to see my honey next week, so I want peace and calmness. I'm finding myself nervous and anxious about my trip, maybe the flying part is bothering me. I like to fly, but it does make me a tad nervous.

I'm going for acupuncture today, my last appointment with this doctor because she is moving up north. I will miss her.

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Blogger Noner said...

Thanks for playing IWW.

I've seen (circus) elephants up close. I even rode on one way back when I was a child, before I knew how horrible circus elephants could be treated.

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