May 5, 2009
Booga Bag

It starts like this. A lovely all wool yarn.

And then you knit furiously for one evening and early the next day you end up with us. I used a 10 1/2 needle on the bag base and then a size 13 for the bag and for knitting the i-cord.

Then you put it in the washing machine with some detergent on the hot wash and cold rinse. And after a couple washes, actually four washes, and finally I wizened up and put in about 3 pair of jeans with it, you get this lovely felted creation.

I dried it overnight, upside down over a tupperware cereal container. It just happened to have the right size to attempt to have the base dry flat and square.

I've known about felted bags and wanted to make one for years. I have felted other items, such as the knit chinese fortune cookies I made one year for Valentine's Day, but a bag seemed like such a big project. It turned out to be so simple. A really quick knit, I mean it literally was knit up in less than 24 hours including me sleeping overnight.

I think I will actually use this bag. I'm happy.



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