May 2, 2009

This is what I've been up to.

Yes, up to my eyeballs with 5 kittens and a very good and protective Momma Sophie. She had kittens Easter morning. It's all kind of new to me, I'm having to learn as I go, but nature is a wonderful thing and has blessed me with a really good momma cat, so I haven't had to do too much or worry too much. So they are 3 weeks old now and really cute. There is four black kittens, maybe tabby striped, can't tell yet. I think they may have medium or long hair, must have come from daddy, and there is one mini Sophie. She has the white markings on her face, the cutest spotted tummy and a pink nose. She seems to be the smallest but the most alert. We are going to keep one of the kittens...and it was Mamacita's decision to keep one. Knock me over with a feather. But I'm happy she wants to. It'll be hard to pick one, I'd like to keep them all, but we have to do what is best for the kittens.

I've also been knitting. I got kind of bored with sock knitting, not sure why, but I had to make this lovely lace scarf and finished it yesterday.

This is Malabrigo Lace yarn in Water Green colorway. I got it at The Loopy Ewe. This is luscious lovely single skein lace weight yarn and hey, it's CHEAP! Can you believe it cost me $9.00 in yarn to make this lovely scarf! I still need to block it so it lays nice. This pattern was made for 1 skein of this yarn and I think I'll definitely make another one, i love it that much. The pattern is called Leaf Lace Scarf and here's a link to the designers blog with a link to a free pattern.

I also knit another scarf but I haven't taken pics or blocked yet. I'll post that later. And I've started another baby blanket, this time in primary colors for baby Logan. I already made him a blanket but it's in pastel baby colors and that just will not do. His nursery is all in primary colors, with trucks and stuff, so now I'm knitting a Modern Baby Blanket by Mason-Dixon Knitting. I had to mail order the yarn because I was looking for a machine washable, good quality, soft but strong DK yarn, and my plurk pals suggested a few, and I decided I wanted Plymouth Dreambaby and it's lovely, lovely yarn. But the company had a back order of 2 colors of the 4 I'm using, so I've knit what I can and waiting for the other 2 yarns to be delivered. I know they shipped yesterday, so I'll be able to get started again.

Still going to Acupuncture, even though my Dr. moved up north to Santa hoo. I'm seeing a new Dr. and it's OK. And I'm still doing Ayurveda, I see my practitioner only about once a month. I finally got my wii fit so I've been doing that and I'm enjoying it.

We're going to see Dad today at the cemetery. Gary hasn't seen his grave marker yet. It was suppose to rain today, but in Southern California fashion, the weather man was wrong and it's simply glorious here today. Have a good weekend!


Anonymous Ada said...

Be sure to put a very small litterbox? there from age 4 weeks. They'll be trained in no time. I did it all the time when we had kittens.

Fabulous knitting!!

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