May 7, 2009
Thursday Thirteen

It's been a long time since I've participated but I thought I'd try to join all of you again. I met some cool people and saw lovely blogs while doing this before. My list today, based on this TT picture, is about Italian food and why I love it!

  1. Italian food is very fresh! They use almost no packaged, processed foods in their preparation.
  2. I love PASTA! Nothing like it. I've tried the whole wheat pasta, which is OK, actually it's pretty good, but I love traditional semolina/flour pasta.
  3. It's very versatile. If you have pasta you can do all kinds of dishes by just varying the sauce. It can be as simple as some butter and parmesan cheese. Or with a tomato sauce or marinara. Or you could do a clam sauce, or even a cream/butter/parmesan sauce.
  4. Fresh herbs. They use a lot of fresh herbs in preparation or even at the end for color and taste. Herbs like oregano, basil, italian parsley.
  5. Lasagna. Who doesn't like layers of ooey gooey cheese, between layers of pasta ribbons, with a tasty meat sauce and tomatoes, and then...more cheese.
  6. Gelato~It's the italian version of ice cream and it's usually lighter and less fattening. I also like that it's soft and I like soft, melty ice cream.
  7. Charcuterie~I love their meats, bologna, salumi, italian sausage, cappacola
  8. Prosecco~The italian champagne. It's lovely, light, and not so sweet.
  9. Family style~Many times a dish is served family style, meaning instead of making individual plates, you just serve it on a large warmed platter and everyone passes the dish around and takes what they like.
  10. Cheese~who doesn't like fontina, and romano and then the parmesan. Regianno Parmesano in particular has a huge history and it continues to be the best parmesan available.
  11. Olive Oil~how could I have a list like this and not have olive oil on the list. They use olive oil, mainly the extra virgin olive oil for flavor, not just as a way to cook. A really good olive oil is full of flavor and dipping bread in it with some balsamic vinegar for flavor....oh, yum!
  12. Balsamic Vinegar~Again, they are very serious about their balsamic vinegar, there are vintages of balsamic. Some is aged and is quite decadent. It can be like a bottle of wine, it gets better with age and depending on the year and the circumstances can be quite expensive.
  13. Attitude~ A lot of the italian dishes came to be because of their attitude about food. Food is to be enjoyed, it's to entertain family and friends. It's comfort and it uses the best food at the best time and to the best advantage. It's survival. They do not like to waste food. The panzanela salad has used bread in it. It's still usable and it's enjoyed in this preparation. I love that it's about family and enjoying yourself.

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Anonymous Alice Audrey said...

I have to be in the mood for whole wheat pasta. Regular pasta we eat all the time.

Blogger mielikki said...

mmm. Pasta. And Basalmic is one of my most favorite things ever. On just about everything. We've a local pizza place that makes a basalmic vinegar, pears, and fontina cheese flat bread....
great list, thanks for coming to visit!

Anonymous perpstu said...

Yeah! I was so excited to see your name on the TT site! I didn't even know you had a blog - you are definitely going in my Google Reader now!

I am so hungry after reading this, good thing it's almost time for dinner!

Anonymous Nicholas said...

I love Italian food! Am about to have lasagna in half an hour!

Blogger Kristi said...

pasta. me lovu some pasta... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


I'll have to post a pic of my chicken cup one of these days ... thanks for stopping by my blog earlier today!

Blogger Sue said...

Yum! Those all sound good. I could go for some Italian! I never heard of Prosecco. Sounds interesting.

Thanks for stopping by mine. Happy TT!

Blogger Gattina said...

All true ! I am Italian by marriage and we do a lot of Italian cooking.

Blogger Journeywoman said...

GREAT list.

Anonymous colleen said...

I'm with you and am definately going to Italy someday to eat. I use artichoke pasta sold at the health food store. It taste like regular pasta but has more nutrition. I don't like whole wheat, too heavy. Pasta is the canvas for the sauces and shouldn't overpower them.

Blogger The Bumbles said...

Good thing I just finished lunch or I would be drooling on my keyboard. I have never met a person who didn't like some form of Italian food. It is the perfect solution for dinner with a group of people - something to please everyone - even the vegetarians.

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