October 9, 2009
Kittens, Mamacita and Birthday.

It's been a while....a long while. No excuses, just haven't felt it lately.

Oh, and there is that I spilled a martini on our laptop and fried it. So I'm posting from the library and although I'm so grateful that we have it available I'm so totally getting grossed out with people. If I don't get the swine flu or something else really gross I'll be amazed.

Mamacita has had a rough couple weeks. She fell in the parking lot going to Quizno's and landed on her knees and hands but somehow thankfully did not break a bone or hit her head, just really bruised. Then last week she had what looked like a spider bite but felt weird so she went to urgent care Sat. And after about 6 hours she came home with an IV still in her arm. They took a culture of her finger and started her on iv antibiotics and it turns out she has a staff infection. I'm not clear if that is considered MRSA, but whatever, it was bad enough to keep her out of work and she has to have at least 10 days of treatment. Once they knew what kind of staph she was able to take oral antibiotics and so now i'm cleaning her wound and wicking it. It's looking better and she's feeling better.

My bro has a birthday this Sunday and we are celebrating while watching the Vikings game with our club. It's a surprise, he doesn't know. He's upset that he can't come home right now and Mamacita is upset she can't be at his party, but these things can't be helped.

Oh, and we have a sick kitten too. Daisy, Mamacita's little tabby who was born this Easter has either a liver problem or FIP, both of which are fatal. She's taking an antibiotic and a chemo med and we'll see how she does. She's eating and not really acting sick, but she's skinny and just not thriving. It looks like we'll have to put her down in the near future.

So I've been taking care of everyone lately which is ok too. You do what you have to do.



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