January 3, 2010
I'm in love!

My Mamacita and I took a good friend for Afternoon Tea yesterday at The Langham. Our friend had never been to tea and it's been a long time for me so I was looking forward to the afternoon. I am also a big fan of Michael Voltaggio, this year's Top Chef winner and I knew that he was the Chef de Cuisine at this hotel's restaurant so during tea we were talking about how exciting it would be if we saw him. One of the server's said that he should be coming in around 4 pm. Then we were talking to our other server at the end of tea and she brought up Michael and when she realized what big fans we were she asked us to hold on for a moment. She went to the restaurant to see if he was in because she said he usually is early to get everything organized. When she came back, alone, I thought he wasn't in and was disappointed but she surprised me by saying, "If you'd like to follow me ladies, I'd be happy to introduce you!" She said he was in a meeting, but could take some time to meet us. So we were brought into the dining room and there he was! He was meeting with 2 other chefs and a manager and Michael made a comment about us helping him to end the meeting. He shook our hand and welcomed us, he was so nice and gracious. He asked if we were taken care of in the lounge having our tea. We asked if we could take a picture and he said, oh sure. He was really nice to us and he said he hoped we would come for dinner sometime. He said, "We make some really good food here!" I hope I didn't make too big a spectacle of myself, but I am still on a natural high from meeting him!



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