January 14, 2010
Thursday Thirteen

I haven't posted to Thursday 13 for quite a while. There is no excuse, just haven't. I was inspired to try again by another participant because I was so impressed with her posting. She took so much time and effort in her post and so I decided to try and not be such a slug. I'm posting random thoughts today. A comment would be most appreciated.

  1. Thank you Tink for inspiring me. I just read The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown and symbology is really interesting and I loved what you had to say today.
  2. I'm feeling a tad better today with this head/chest cold. Still not feeling great, but I feel like I'm hopefully over the worst of it.
  3. It's amazing how distracted I get sometimes. I think maybe I have adult ADD, would that be AADD, Adult Attention Deficit Disorder? Just during this post I've been distracted by looking up a link, which led me to an email to facebook to add a friend, to accept a gift in farmville, oh, i have some crops to harvest, to plurk to look at responded threads...omfg!
  4. I need to get to the library to pick up a book i reserved. It's suppose to be similar in genre to the Diana Gabaldon Outlander Series. I can't wait. Again AADD. I'm reading about 5 different books right now, no kidding.
  5. I finished a pair of socks the other day and haven't started another project yet. That's not saying I don't have things I should complete already on the needles, but starting a new project is more fun. Huh? Black Mohair Lace Cowl or socks? Decisions.
  6. I can not wait until Sunday's MN Vikings game! We have friends coming to meet us at the place we go to watch the game. Pizza, wings and beer for breakfast! Yeah!
  7. I really feel for the people of Haiti. It's just devastating and makes me realize how fortunate I am. I made a small donation yesterday to this group and I really love what they do and stand for.
  8. I really want to go to knit night tonight but think I'll still have to keep my butt home so I don't pass on this cold. Maybe next week I can join the ladies.
  9. I don't like the mean girl. She knows who she is and she's a mean and nasty person. You know, there is a reason why some people do not let you see their eyes and I know why. But this mean girl seems to be getting her karmic due. Sad but I don't feel bad for her.
  10. I feel almost embarrassed by our weather when the rest of the states seem to be having such a rough winter. Oh, do I remember!
  11. Why is the TV so loud and why are the commercials even louder? My bitch for the day. Seems I'm always turning down the tv.
  12. I bought a sock club membership last night. Oh I'm so weak. But socks are my knitting passion.
  13. My favorite new online find is Violette Market. Products are cool, interesting. Great customer service. I got my order the other day but unfortunately couldn't smell them. I can smell today and I can confirm that the scents are of the highest quality and just lovely.

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Blogger Carol said...

what books are you reading adn picking up at the library?

Blogger Shash said...

I too haven't posted in a while... mine's more like almost 4 years! I stopped after having an affair with Facebook, it seemed to replace all of my blogging. :-)

I posted a T-13 too.


Blogger jehara said...

i know what you mean about the commercials! and they just seem to get louder and louder. it happens on the computer too. it is quite irritating.

Blogger colleen said...

Those loud commercials bother me too. What bothers me even more is that since HD came and being rural, I lost most of my channels.

Blogger Mary Quast said...

I'm sooooo #3. LOL And I too hate loud commercials. I think programmers know I'm in the kitchen at that time.

Blogger Mitchypoo said...

Hi Carol, to answer your question I am reading Stephen King's Skeleton Crew because I've never read it, Stephen King's Salem's Lot b/c I have read it and wanted to again. I remembered it as the scariest book I ever read, not so much now. I'm reading Circle of Quilters by Jennifer Chiaverini http://www.amazon.com/Circle-Quilters-Elm-Creek-Quilts/dp/074326021X/ref=sr_1_19?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1263579148&sr=8-19. Also, Say You Are One of Them, by Uwem Akpan which is a tough read for me. There is more, but I've set them down for now.

Blogger moorebloglife said...

This was a great get-back-to it 13, I read lots of books at once too right now I am reading the just opening movie "Lovely Bones" good book and the "Lost Symbol"... the are just getting out of being under ground....
So glad you were inspired, hope that cold goes soon!

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