February 1, 2010
Being Bodacious: Chapter 1

Janey at Confessions of a Middle Aged Suburban Diva has started a Meme for women. A meme which means it's all about ME. But it's also for women to support each other. I think it's a fabulous idea. So here goes. You can go to her blog to read all the details but to begin we are to blog about this topic: Finish the phrase: “One thing I love about my body is…”

Deep breath here. OOhhh, maybe this will be harder than I thought? But the more I think of it, the more I realize that it seems like a tough subject because I've been conditioned to think something is wrong with me. If you asked me in my 20's I would have had no qualms about what to write. I could have written about being so thin that I had to be careful laying on my back in a bikini because you could see straight down my bikini bottoms. That's how thin I was and my hip bones jutted out. Or that I was tall and lanky and I had great legs. My boobs were proportional but on the large side and I had a rack. I still have a rack, but it's bigger, like a gun rack.

So, the one thing I love about my body is my toes. I have smallish, cute toes. I do not have a longer second toe or large toe knuckles. I have small, slightly squarish nails. I do not have any corns or bumpies on my toes. Men seem to love my toes too. But hey, don't touch! I do not like people to touch my feet. Feet are intimate and if you aren't giving me a pedicure, or we aren't intimate, don't touch! It is not the only part of my body that I love, but it's one that I wanted to share with you.

If you are participating and read this, a comment would be most appreciated and I will return the favor.



Blogger citizen jane said...

Fabulous! Toes are unsung heroes -- and can be so glamourous!

Thanks for participating..xoxo

Anonymous Karin aka perpstu said...

Fantastic! I'm so glad you're participating in this fun adventure. I have toes like yours, small and perfectly proportioned - sometimes they're the only part of me I like! LOL

Blogger Misty said...

A great post! I totally understand your feelings on touching feet and agree. We better be pretty close before you even *think* about touching my feet! I'm really glad I've outgrown the stage where people thing it's funny or Ok to try to tickle your feet. *shudder* I just put up my bodacious post. :D

I might need to join this meme... I bet my fictional characters would have a good time with it.

Me, I'm all about the fact that I can do so darn many push-ups. I just discovered this in December and I'm still gloating about it.

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