June 4, 2010
What day is today?

I woke up this morning not knowing what day it is. Is it Thursday or Friday? Not sure where the week went, how can it already be Friday? Well it is, and for many, thankfully it is Friday and almost the weekend. Some say today is Hug Your Cat Day. The date to celebrate is disputed, but for us cat lovers we know that every day is hug your cat day. I'm trying to find something special I can do for my kitties. Maybe I'll give them a can of tuna to share, they love that.

I'm looking forward to this weekend because my Brother is finally "home". He was transferred from the hell hole Rehabilitation Center he was sent to to his home facility where he lives during the week. It was really a mess yesterday trying to get him out of there, but it did happen finally and he was transferred late afternoon. He seemed so relieved. Poor guy has really been thru it. He's lost about 20 lbs. too. But that is OK, because he needs to lose like my whole family.

I'm on my way to go see him in a bit and hopefully I'll find his remote for his TV. Tomorrow he is coming home (our house) for the weekend and he is so funny because the one thing he wants to do or have us do is make this fried chicken recipe he saw on Martha Stewart. He saw it while in the hospital and I saw it too and he's been talking about this chicken. So I found the recipe and I'd like to try it too. You dredge the chicken in egg whites and then in matzo meal and then you make a special spice that you sprinkle after it's fried. I'll have a small bit of it, to try it, but I'm really trying to eat differently to be nice to my gall bladder and ward off another attack. So far so good with my new way of eating. It's kind of odd but since the attack last Sunday I've not had much of an appetite. Yesterday and the day before I was not hungry all day. I had coffee in the morning but never was hungry for breakfast or lunch. I made myself eat something small in the evening. Same for last night, no food all day and then after getting Gary home Mamacita and I went out and had a Cobb salad. I've also been drinking a flax seed tea and I wonder if somehow that is curbing my hunger. Whatever it is, I'm thankful because I'd much rather not be consumed by hunger or feelings of hunger.

I'd also like to take him to the Farmer's Market tomorrow if it isn't too much for him. He loves the dried apple chips and he might enjoy seeing all the bounty of food and flowers.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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