March 14, 2007
Thursday Thirteen #4

Perhaps we all have a little Irish in us on St.Patrick's Day... so here is Thirteen Things about why I love green!
  1. Because to me, green is the color of life in nature and I love to see the beginnings of a crocus blooming or the tulips and daffodils. The leaves and stalks are green and tulip bulbs are green until they get their color.
  2. Green tea. I love the taste and it has health benefits and has antioxidants.
  3. Emeralds, peridot, green gems are rare and beautiful.
  4. Money. We all work for it and/or need it to survive in this world of ours. And if you work hard and earn money, it is a good thing. Money itself is kind of dirty and I don't like thinking of where it's been. Ew.
  5. Green yarn~sage, grass, there are different names, but I love green yarn. It's a soothing color to me.
  6. Green scents. The color green smells to me like it would be clean and fresh, herbal.
  7. Grass. Nothing like a nice, plush green lawn to run your toesies thru.
  8. Asparagus. One of the best vegetables in my opinion.
  9. Henry's green eyes. He's so pretty.
  10. Broccoli. Good for you and I like it! I like it raw or slightly steamed.
  11. Frogs. I've always liked frogs, the real ones. I love to hold them and their skin feels so weird. It's not icky like you might think. They are cool to the touch and feel smooth.
  12. Mint. I like mint gum and candies.
  13. Boy, this list turned out to be harder than i thought...Ireland. It's a stretch, but you do think of green when you think of the Country. I'd like to go someday.

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Green is my favorite color. :-)

Anonymous christine said...

Love asparagus, emeralds and broccoli too - and not in that particular order either.

I'm all about chickens and their influence in modern culture . . .

I know, it's not REALLY a stretch. But it was fun. Let me know what you think - and THANKS for the link. Make sure you sign my mr. linky too.

Have a great St. Paddy's day.

Blogger Raggedy said...

I enjoyed your green.
Terrific Thursday Thirteen!
My TT is posted.
Have a wonderful day!
Happy TT'ing!
(")_ (")Š

Blogger Uisce said...

hey I wrote about green tea today too! same same! :) happy TT, mine's up!

Blogger It's Me, Maven... said...

I've got my corned beef and cabbage ready to go! Can't wait!

Blogger Tilly Greene said...

The list was great - all of them worked for me , except for green tea and asparagus...blegh!

Blogger Chana said...

What about GREEN BEER????


Happy T13!

Blogger Dane Bramage said...

The number one reason for loving green....
Everything in my refrigerator eventually becomes that color!

My T13 #33 is up it is the 13 Quotes About Men Edition Stop by if you get the chance.

Anonymous Susie said...

I just recently started eating asparagus, and as long as it's smothered in cheese, it's delicious! :)

Great Thursday 13! Thanks for stopping by mine.

Blogger jewlsntexas said...

I love green too - all shades - even pea soup green! Hee hee!
My living room is a very interesting shade of green with black accents. Lovin' it!
Happy St. Patty's Day!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Teal, is my favorite color! I love green and my son loved green since he was one year old. We have pictures of him with a green cake smeared all over his face.

Of course, he is a Brian!

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