March 21, 2007
Thursday Thirteen #5

Thirteen Things about why I'd like you to come join us at the Knitting and Losing Trivia Tournament!
  1. It's fun! Come every day and see how smart and quick you are today! The link to play is on my right hand sidebar, it says Play Now!
  2. The questions change daily. Periodically I may change the topic.
  3. How many times can we let Tori win for the month?! Hee hee. She's a toughy, but then, so are Mammy, Beaconbabe and Nyxxie.
  4. You can win Fun Trivia Bucks and win things like A Cheesy Snow Globe, a Pink Unicorn, a Monster Truck of Destruction or a Money Fountain!
  5. It would make me happy...and I know that you all care about my personal happiness!
  6. It's a chance to get to know others. Leave a comment.
  7. It increases your knowledge.
  8. You can play other tournaments and raise your ranking. But please play in my tournament too.
  9. I'll send you a small gift if you are the monthly winner!
  10. Because I want to improve our global ranking, it says this now: Of 4000 active tournaments, Knitting and Losing Trivia Tournament was #2562 in terms of popularity yesterday.
  11. You can invite your friends to play. There is a link to our Tournament under the tab Link Up!
  12. You can post a Shout Out! to all participants, put your blog url in there if you like.
  13. Because this was hard to find 13 reasons and cuz I just want you to~OK? :)

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Blogger Cordia Amant said...

Since trivia and knitting are two of my favorite things, I might have to come back for a visit again.

P.S. Your linky thing is working fine, at least I was able to use it without problems. Sometimes they just don't show up as you're posting, though.

Blogger Coco said...

Unfortunately I know nothing about knitting...

Your Mr. Linky works fine, though :)

Blogger Amelia Elias said...

Thanks for visiting my Thursday 13! I crochet, but have never gotten the hang of knitting. I have a pic linked in my T13 to my latest project.

Blogger Robin said...

I'd love to know how to knit...

Happy TT, and thanks for visiting my blog.

Blogger Lady G~ said...

How fun, I enjoy playing trivia games. Even though I'm not good at it. :o) My Knight is a brainiac. Having been married almost 25 years, some of it is bound to rub off on me.

I enjoyed playing todays game. I'll be back for more. I've bookmarked your blog. :o)

Oh, thanks for visiting my TT. Hope you have a blessed Thursday!

Blogger Dane Bramage said...

That was fun and I could kick myself for missing the ones that I did. Doh! My Thursday Thirteen #34 The 13 Things You Wish You Could Say At Work Edition is up. Stop by if you get a chance.

Anonymous Nicole said...

I loved your blog! Your T13 kept me quite amused. It was actually really interesting and I bookmarked ya!
My T13 is up, but you know that because you left me a sweet comment!
Visit see mine at: Freelance Writer's Exchange
Thanks for the comment and have an awesome weekend!

Blogger e-Mom said...

Nice to meet you! I once knew how to knit, but Wow, it's been a long time. Thanks for stopping by my T-13. Blessings, e-Mom

Anonymous jenny said...

hmmm...intriguing...ok i'll go check it out! thanks for visiting my TT!

Blogger Melissa said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I knit and crochet. I'm currently crocheting along to a ripple along on . I've posted my progress today under TeaMouse.
I also did your quiz today - I'm not sure what that is all about but you can email me at if there is something else I need to do. Today I got 7 right.

Blogger NOLADawn said...

Thanks for visiting. I played... glad it wasn't about knitting ;)

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