March 29, 2007
Thursday Thirteen #6

Thirteen Things that Mitchypoo has knit or created!

1) This is a belt I knit a couple years ago made out of a ribbon yarn. You can see the look of the yarn before knitting on the fringe. Knitting with ribbon yarn is really fun. It's a simple pattern. I think I made it with 13 stitches and it's a k1 p1 across on all rows. When desired length, finish with fringe. I added bone beads on the end to give it character. I got this idea I think from Faery Crafty. I really should have written all of the details because it's a little fuzzy. Faery Crafty is the queen of detail in my opinion, check out her list of patterns, I bet it is in there somewhere.

2) These are silver stitch markers that I made. My first attempt and I was really happy with the results. They are silver and crystal and turquoise. For any non-knitters they are used to mark a series of stitches, you put the marker on your needle and they are used to help you keep patterns. For instance, maybe your pattern is a simple plain stitch and then there is a cable pattern, you would put a marker at the beginning and end of your cable pattern. They are pretty and functional!

3) This is a scarf called Argosy that I saw in I made it with Noro Silk Garden yarn to see what all the hoopla was about. It's pretty yarn and the colors are nice how they graduate, but I don't really think I like the yarn. But I definitely like the pattern.

        4) A wedding gift for my cousin Sally and her hubby Terry. Crocheted. My Grandmother's pattern.

        5) Kind of hard to see but I made this beaded ring for Valentine's Day. (Modeled by Mamacita's beautiful hand)

          6) Wool lace knit scarf. The yarn is Shadow by Knit Picks.

          1. 7) These are knit and felted Love Fortune cookies, modeled by Tom Thumb.

                    8) This is a crocheted Star Afghan that was given to a baby girl.

                                  9) Dock Socks. Wool, knit cuff down.

                                  10) Pink slippers, knit. The pic is before they were felted. Geez, i meant to make me a pair, these were a gift. Guess maybe it'll be next on my list.

                                      11) The are cotton dishcloths or washcloths. I like them for the bathroom, and they are nice because you can just throw them in the wash.

                                            1. 12) This is a baby afghan that I designed and knit for a
                                            2. family friend. Knit with cotton Knit Picks yarn.

                                                      13) This is a bulky wool knit scarf. You can't see the pattern detail but it's very pretty, not sure I used the right yarn color choice, would be better with a solid.

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                                                      Blogger rashbre said...

                                                      I think the Scarf Number 13 is kinda cool actually! The wibbly wool looks good. Excuse my lack of terminology.


                                                      Blogger Jane said...

                                                      Those are great. I have been trying (without much luck) to learn to knit and crochet. I bought DVD's to teach me how. I haven't totally given up but I am frustrated!
                                                      My T13 is up.

                                                      Blogger Christie said...

                                                      i love the colors in the last scarf!! i think it's great!! you're so creative! my mom and i always say we'll take up knitting together, maybe one of these days.. :)
                                                      great list! love your creations!

                                                      Blogger Cordia Amant said...

                                                      Your knitting projects are great. I'm still very much a beginner (scarves and dish cloths are my staple) but I'd love to get my knitting as beautiful as yours someday. Practice, I guess.:)

                                                      Blogger Jen said...

                                                      You are so talented! I love all of your projects - and your kitty is cute too! =)

                                                      Blogger Kuanyin said...

                                                      What talent you have to create so many beautiful items!

                                                      Blogger Michelle Pillow said...


                                                      I have no talent for knitting. Mom tried to teach me... LOL, I can crochet a straight line that goes on forever though :D


                                                      Blogger Jen said...

                                                      Let's see if this works. The code I have in my page for the TT in the scroll box looks like this:

                                                      div style="height:250px; text-align:left; overflow:auto; font-size:10px; line-height:12px;"

                                                      Put the little arrow (<) in front of and behind (>) all of that text - and then place it in front of your java script for the TT blogroll. That should do it!

                                                      Blogger Mitchypoo said...

                                                      OMG Jen! You are so awesome!! Thank you!!!!

                                                      Blogger Denise Patrick said...

                                                      I love the star afghan. I never learned to knit or crochet and I often wished I could, but I'm content with sewing and embroidery.

                                                      Anonymous Barbara H. said...

                                                      What a great skill to have! They are all beautiful.

                                                      Blogger BecK said...

                                                      Wow your a knifty-knitter! I love that "Star" afghan! Is that your pattern or did you find it in a book? I'd love to make one like that!

                                                      Thanks for swinging by my TT today too!

                                                      Blogger Jen said...

                                                      Yay!! I'm so glad that code worked for you. It's no problem at all - glad to help. =) The TT list is toooooooooo long to list without the scroll bar!! =)

                                                      Have a great weekend!!!

                                                      Blogger April Decheine said...

                                                      Beautiful stuff, I have never tried to knit, but I have thought of it :-) Nice blog, I put the Name Acronym Generator on my personal blog, cool! I bookmarked you, have a great day..

                                                      Blogger Nancy J. Bond said...

                                                      You're so talented! Your projects are lovely. Thanks for your TT visit, and I hope that you will come back often. :)

                                                      Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said...

                                                      Wow - there are some wonderful projects there. I can't knit at all. Well done!

                                                      Gorgeous! How long have you been knitting? I started in December and I'm just loving it!
                                                      Happy TT!


                                                      Blogger FaeryCrafty said...

                                                      Aww you are too sweet! Now if I could only get my butt to blog more. Here is the link to the belt pattern.


                                                      Your stuff is beautiful as always. I really like that ring a lot.

                                                      Blogger Bella said...

                                                      You have a great talent! I just started learning to crochet and I feel lost when I start doing my 2nd or 3rd row. Any sites you reccomend that could give me a good visual?

                                                      As for the heirloom seeds, I buy mine online. This is my favorite place..

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