April 26, 2007
Thursday Thirteen Edition #10

Thirteen Things on Mitchypoo's Desk!
  1. My green Excalibur coffee cup that I just love. It's the perfect size~BIG and feels good in my hands.
  2. El Yucateco Chile Habanero. I'm a tad addicted. I like it on breakfast items. Need a little heat.
  3. Affirmation Calendar by Louise Hay.
  4. Believe in Yourself magnet given to me by dear Tori.
  5. Ice Breakers Sours mints.
  6. An orange.
  7. Bath & Body Works Breathe multi-vitamin hand cream.
  8. Old dried roses near my computer. They make me remember good things.
  9. A blue plastic salamander on my computer. My brother won it at Chuck E Cheese's and he gave it to me.
  10. A resin purple high heel shoe with purple boa material around the front that is actually a cell phone holder! My clients get a kick out of it.
  11. Vanilla Boost. My breakfast today.
  12. A Mary Engelbreit figurine that says QUEEN....because I am!
  13. Vera Wang perfumed hand cream.

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Blogger amy said...

Interesting items...Thats a fun list though!

Dont forget to sign up for the Christopher family blogging scavenger hunt! Its going to be fun and we have added more prizes

Anonymous It's Me... Maven said...

I need to get me one of those affirmation calendars!! Read it before I go to bed, and after I wake up! Gotta reinforce the good vibes, yanno?

My list is up... 13 things I find interesting or amusing involving the word "corn." Beware: there's a pic of a candy corn dildo (and butt plug) on there:)

Anonymous It's Me... Maven said...

PS: Mitchy, save it for home... you don't want to get in trouble at work:) I laughed, I no sooner posted my comment here, and your comment appeared at my place:)

Blogger Mitchypoo said...
Anonymous Janne said...

Interesting list! I've never tried those Ice Breakers. Are they good? My current addiction is the chocolate-covered Altoids. Mmmm.

Happy TT!

Blogger Tendrils said...

Cool idea for a list! Thanks for visiting! Have a great weekend!

p.s. Where in MN did you live and where did you move to?

Blogger Pen said...

My desk is a mess I would have to list about 100 things to mention everything.

There's nothing wrong with having some dried roses around unless you talk with a Feng Shui expert! :)

Thank you for stopping by my TT, the compliment on my blog and you are right I probably could find 13 serial killers from Wisconsin! Creepy! I don't plan on listing them any time soon!

Blogger Titania Starlight said...

Wow, you have quite a hodge podge of articles on your desk. They do make it more cozy. Thank you for stopping by my very first TT!

Blogger Lori said...

great list...I have a favorite cup too:)

Blogger Jen said...

Wow you've got some great stuff on your desk!! I have pretty smelling hand cream at my desk at all times too - I wash my hands too often - makes em all dry.

Happy TT!!

Blogger Kuanyin said...

All fun things,but I'm concerned about the dead roses---bad feng shui.
Happy TT!

Blogger JAM said...

People do these what' on my desk list, and I can't because it's just the computer, monitor, scanner, mouse, maybe a piece of paper or something. Totally boring.

Habanero. Salamander. Purple high-heeled shoe with boa accent cell phone holder. That rocks.

I'd have to PUT things on my desk to make one of these lists. Hey, maybe I could write a T13 of things I wish were on my computer desk. Starting with a new computer.

Gotta go write that list...

Anonymous toni said...

Well, if the purple high heeled shoe didn't get me, the Vera Wang handcream does. I'll be by 'round 2pm tomorrow (can I borrow the hand cream?.)

Blogger Danielle said...

Well know I know your a queen who smells great and has soft hands.

Happy TT

Be well and enjoy the day

Blogger FRIGGA said...

Happy TT13!

Blogger Dane Bramage said...

The workplace facists at my place of employment proclaimed last Thursday and Friday as "work area cleaning days" So nothing of interest is on my desk at the moment. Thanks for stopping by my T13!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great TT! Whew! Habanero?! Yikes! Have a wonderful spicy weekend!

Anonymous Ashley said...

Chuck E. Cheese used to have awesome prizes back in the day. They've gone downhill in recent years, but it's cool you have something from there on your desk. :D

Blogger TeaMouse said...

Those ice breaker sours are addictive!

Blogger TopChamp said...

Quite an assortment of things on your desk! The purple shoe does sound interesting.

Happy very late TT - sorry!

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