July 25, 2007
My body is very wise; it knows how to heal itself.

How apropos the above affirmation is for me today. I started my trial membership at the gym and it's embarrassing to tell you but I'm taking baby steps. I walked for 15 minutes and felt very accomplished. It's better than nothing and I have to do what I can until my body improves and I can do more. But I felt it after only doing that and this morning too. It's a good feeling though. I'll continue as long as this gym leaves me alone for awhile, they've been calling me on my cell, wanting me to come in to discuss memberships and/or give me a free personal training session, I've told them repeatedly that I haven't even begun yet and they need to give me time. So yesterday mid-day some poor girl had the unfortunate task of calling me for the same thing and this is how the conversation went...

Her..."Hi! This is So So from the gym and I'm calling to let you know you have a free session with a personal trainer! Would you like to make your appointment now?!"

Me..."(very audible)sigh....... K, I've been telling you people EVERY DAY since last week that I haven't even started yet and you have to give me some time. Geez, you have until the middle of August when my membership ends and I can tell you now that if this doesn't stop I WILL NOT want to know anything about a free session or a membership."

Her..."Oh, I'm so sorry, they should have written something down, I'll make a note of it and I'm sorry. Whatever you want to do is fine."

Me..."OK, thank you."

So we'll see if they call again.

It's really difficult to just get out there, there are so many people, and you see some who are there for social reasons only, and some who just leer at you, but that's OK. I guess I have to not pay attention to that and I am going to be uncomfortable until I feel better about my body. I'm there for me. There was one guy though who was running while I was walking, he came by twice by the time I made a lap, and I quite enjoyed watching him I admit. Talk about a bod! Oy. The body is a beautiful thing.

I haven't picked us my MS3 stole since Clue 4 was released last Friday. I need to get going on it but we have 2 weeks to work on this clue and there is no rush, there is no race and I'm not behind. I had to order another skein of the Alpaca Cloud (I know, I broke my yarn diet...) It came the other day, I spent last night after my work out trying to ball the skein while icing my ankle. Lace weight can be a real buggar to ball up. And why oh why can I not find my ball winder? Geez, it'd make life so much easier for me. I think it was packed away when my Dad died and we were cleaning. I know it was in the house and it's just hiding. I'll have to say a prayer to St.Anthony...he helps us find things.

Tom is on a course of antibiotics and he hates it! He doesn't like me shoving that pink stuff in his mouth. The Vet didn't see anything wrong and could only surmise that he may have an allergy. Don't know why that would take his voice away. But at least we know he isn't sick or hurt. And he's my chunky guy, almost 16 pounds! He's so squishy! And he's so happy Little Bit is gone...

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Blogger FaeryCrafty said...

I'm glad that Little Bit found a home! I hope Tom feels better :)

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