July 9, 2007

Poor Henry still has swelling and bleeding on his chin from that dang cat acne. Wonder if I can use Proactiv on him? hehe.. The vet's office called to check on him and I told her it didn't look better, she said to give it a whole week. Today is a week and I don't see big improvements. And I found that Henry is a whore for Pounce treats and will let me do whatever if he knows he's getting a treat afterward.

I knit on the MS3 all weekend and although I'm lovin' the lace knitting it can be quite demanding. And I've had some froggin to do. I've started it over twice, but now I'm in the middle of Clue 2 and it's really fun! I'm taking down the sign up, the deadline was last Friday. If any of you are knitting MS3, please let me know, I'd love to know how you are liking it, what guess on the theme you have (I have no clue..), and what yarn and beads are you using?

I've ended up alone at work today. I thought the bosses would be back, and they are, but sounds like they got home late yesterday and so are at home today. And the temp I don't think was scheduled. It's fairly and uncommonly slow for a Monday so I'm glad.

Got a bit of a problem here though. On Friday the temp was busy doing something I wasn't paying attention, then she called me over, said she thought she messed up. The noise I heard was her trying to get the ice wall out of the mini freezer with a knife and seems she punctured it and it was making a hissing sound. This a.m. the ice is all gone, it stinks in there and I'm getting a headache. I don't even know if I should be here. (*Updated: My boss called in, I told him about the fridge and he said to throw it out. A guy down the hall helped and it's out of here and the smell is dissipating).

Going furniture shopping tonight with Mamacita.

Oh, I started a group on Ravelry!! It's called Cat Knits! Come join us if you are on Ravelry! And if you aren't on there yet, you've just got to go sign up so you'll someday soon get your invite!

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Blogger FaeryCrafty said...

Peroxide or bactine will help poor Henry :)My cat had that before.

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