July 5, 2007
Thursday Thirteen #20

Thirteen Random Thoughts or Things going on for Mitchypoo!
  1. Had a wonderful 4th. Got to sleep in, be lazy drinking coffee and knitting in a.m.!
  2. We stayed in the coolness by going to the movies yesterday and going out to eat.
  3. We saw the movie "Evening". It was just OK in my book.
  4. I'm going to the dentist today for a full check up. I know I need some work done and I want to whiten my teeth. Will have to put the dentist in my budget. $$$
  5. I woke up super early on the holiday thinking about an issue at work. Not good. I hate that.
  6. I'm thinking about buying a new or used car.
  7. Our cat Henry has cat acne...poor kitty. It got infected on his chin and he had to have a shot. We have to give him oral antibiotic and cream. That's fun...
  8. I'm getting my passport because someday soon when I save enough, I'm going to Europe.
  9. Some kid blew off 3 fingers last night with a sky rocket...is it really worth it people?! Poor little guy.
  10. I'm knitting a lace stole/shawl with beads and I'm in love again with lace knitting!
  11. I need to lose 5 lbs. because I'm having major yarn withdrawals. MAJOR!!!
  12. I've been wearing my hair curly, because it's too hot to try and dry it and I really like it. Getting lots of compliments too.
  13. I bought a Tiffany & Co. sterling ring on Ebay. My first piece of Tiffany and I adore it!

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Blogger Chelle Y. said...

I was able to sleep in too! Wasn't it great!?!

Blogger Mercy's Maid said...

I didn't know cats could get acne. Poor thing! Thanks for stopping by my 13!

Blogger JAM said...

Me too. Sleeping late was the best part of the day, though the grilled food was mighty tasty in the afternoon.

Anonymous Nichole said...

Cat acne? I've never heard of such a thing...!

I'm attempting to learn how to knit, but if I knit with the actual needles (instead of using the knifty knitter) I can only makes scarves.

Happy TT!

Anonymous mama kelly said...

I feel so bad for the boy that blew off his fingers. A friend of mine way back when wound up with 3rd degree burns on both hands and forearms and spent months in the hospital ... so not worth it!!

Happy Th 13
Happy 4th

Mama Kelly

Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of my cats had acne too. The vet suggested that use only glass food dishes and change them every day. One cat passed it to the other. They both recovered nicely so not to worry.


Blogger NOLADawn said...

I wanted to see Evening. I think I'll wait till it comes to DVD now.

Anonymous Paul said...

**I'm thinking about buying a new or used car.**

Don't lose the gas cap :)

Paul & Ranger

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