July 12, 2007
Thursday Thirteen #21

Thirteen Random Smells that Mitchypoo loves!

  1. Freesias. Real freesias around the house. Heavenly.

  2. Onions sauteeing in bacon grease. Best part about making our bean hotdish is you have to do this and it's so yummy.

  3. Puppy breath. I know...weird, but I like it.

  4. The smell of gasoline. Amazing I never became a huffer.

  5. The smell of sulfur, like when you light a match.

  6. Apple Blossoms. Oh, I can smell the trees blooming in MN.

  7. The smell of rain. Romance has a smell.

  8. Clean freshly laundered sheets.

  9. Mint ~ it's soothing.

  10. Neroli ~ It was in some skin care spritz water I had and it was delicious. I think Neroli is orange blossoms.

  11. The scent of a baby's hair. They are so precious.

  12. Coffee beans. They can scent a room or a car if you leave some in the car.

  13. Raspberries. Yum.



Anonymous Lady Rose said...

I love coffee beans too

Cute cat photo in previous post - we just got a new kitten last week her name is Mei Mei (means little sister in Chinese)

Health and Happiness Lady Rose

Anonymous MommyBa said...

I used to love the smell of gasoline but when I got pregnant, it irked me and since then I never liked it.

Mint is just heavenly! The smell of coffee is awesome!

Happy Thursday!

Anonymous ExPat Mom said...

I like the smell of gasoline, too! You have some great smells on there, rain, baby scent, mmmmm! I have a baby in my lap at this very moment, but he kind of smells like spit up at the moment . . . not so sweet. :D

Blogger JAM said...

I'm with you on almost all of these, but I must get off the train at the striking of matches. That is one of my top five hate smells.

Lovely Wife and both daughters LOVE that smell. Consequently, I smell it quite often despite my feelings on the matter. I mean, why are you going to light a nice scented candle when you're going to ruin the whole effect by stinking the place up with sulfur.

OK. Rant over.

I've never heard of Neroli, but if it smells like orange blossoms, it's awesome. We have two orange trees and every Feb/March you can find me out back with my head stuck into the branches of those trees, just breathing in the smell. My favorite smell on earth is orange blossoms.

Anonymous Sassy said...

Great list. Now you have made me hungry (#2) and made me wanna have a baby (#11). Happy TT!!

Anonymous ancsweetnsassygal said...

I thought I was the only one who like smelling gas at the pump. I love the smell of coffee even tho I don't like the taste of it (weird I know). I got a coffee-scented candle and love it. Great TT list.

Visit my TT where I am doing a second 80's music quiz. Happy Thursday!

Blogger Lisa said...

Count me in with the coffee, and add the ocean too.

Blogger NOLADawn said...

I hate smelling gas and I hate the smell of coffee beans... but I'm with ya on the rest :)

Blogger Dragonheart said...

Interesting list of smells! Rain and clean sheets do smell wonderful!

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