July 19, 2007
Thursday Thirteen Edition #22

Thirteen Things Mitchypoo forgot about kittens!
  1. This is what I found under my car yesterday morning. I think someone dumped kittens on our dead-end street. There was also a dead kitty in the gutter.
  2. He eats a lot, poor guy is kind of skinny.
  3. He meows a lot and is very persistent.
  4. They are very active, last night when I got home he was constantly on me and Mamacita, walking here and there. On the printer, on the keyboard. Wouldn't sit still.
  5. He bites a lot, he keeps trying to bite my diamond and pearl necklace. And my rings.
  6. He licks a lot, in fact I'm wondering if he wasn't weaned. I think he's trying to find something to suck on.
  7. Tom is down right mad, he's been hissing and is just grumpy.
  8. Henry isn't so bothered but doesn't really want a lot to do with him.
  9. They can get places you don't think they can. He's so tiny but he can jump from here to there and is not afraid to do it.
  10. He is constantly purring and kneading everything he touches.
  11. They like to walk directly under you.
  12. They will not move if they are sitting on your chair. Poor thing is going to get squished.
  13. It doesn't matter what they do, they look at you and you fall in love.

** Mamacita said we should bring him in, but we are not sure we're keeping him. She's trying to find him a home. I'm hoping she can't.

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Blogger NOLADawn said...

Oh, but when they tackle the bath mat it's just the cutest thing :) I hope you don't find a home either.... ;)

Blogger Lyndsey-Jane said...

So cute!!! I can't understand how people can just dump animals with no regard for their wellbeing. If that happened to us they'd be major arguements, Karl is such an animal lover and although I love animals I'm really allergic to cats. It would be quite a dilema! I hope he finds somewhere permanent soon (and I have my fingers crossed its with you!)

Blogger The Rock Chick said...

I dont know how people can just abandon animals. Makes me insane. I found 4 kittens under my car one morning, shaking and shivering.

I couldn't keep them, but I called the local animal shelter and they found them homes almost immediately!!

Give that little one a hug from me!

Happy TT!
Jessica The Rock Chick

Anonymous Chris said...

Oh, it's so hard to give them up once you let them come inside. Good luck, kittens are so much fun!

Blogger JAM said...

Aww. What a cutie! My older daughter just finished her second day as a receptionist/technician at a veterinary hospital and already has a list of stories that broke my heart.

Maybe the little feller will remind the older ones what it's like to be a kitten.

Blogger Lori said...

Awwwwwwww, what a cute kitty!! Happy TT.

Anonymous ancsweetnsassygal said...

I'm not much of an indoor cat person, but that little one is a cutie. Good luck finding a home for him..at yor house. lol Happy Thursday!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That little guy looks just like my 20 year old Maxine when she was a kitten. Are you sure he's not a she? I'd take him but I live in Illinois.

Blogger TopChamp said...

He's so cute!!!! I'd have him too if I were closer.

Blogger Dragonheart said...

Thank you for rescuing the kitten! How sad that one died. :( How can people be so cruel and jump dump animals. :( Thank you for being kind and compassionate, and taking him in.

Blogger FaeryCrafty said...

Aww so good of you to take the little one in :)

Anonymous Linda said...

Oops == I added my links to your previous post.

Anyway, you rock for rescuing those cats.

I have two TTs:

13 Snarfs (Historical Markers) at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

13 Things I want to do

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