August 14, 2007
I am at peace with my body. I am comfortable with my looks, my weight, and my vibrant health.

Had a nice weekend, although it was miserably hot. And it's continued this week. Today we are expected to peak 100 and the humidity is high. I guess it's summer so it should be expected.

My bosses were out of town for the weekend and took Monday too so it was me and the temp worker. The day went fine. I can't believe how many people bought a car over the weekend. It goes in spurts. The next holiday weekend is a big car buying weekend too.

I've started working on my MS3 stole again and I'm really enjoying it. I'm in the repetitive part so it's good knitting but I keep forgetting to add some beads. No problem though because I will sew them on later. That's so much easier than ripping to add a stupid bead. It's a project that I have to kind of concentrate on so I leave it at home. I am using a highlighter for the graph and that is working. It's really beautiful so far. I've heard that it's called the Swan Lake Shawl, but I haven't seen a swan yet. There is a wing on it and I guess some were bothered by the design, but I'm just knitting away. I want to see how it was intended. Socks and lace knitting are my current faves.

I have my weight class tonight. Looking forward to it. It is a late night for me, it doesn't end until 9 p.m. but it's worth it for me. I've stopped going to the gym, it wasn't worth the aggravation. I'll find another way.

Have to go check my stocks. It dropped below my initial investment but I think it's teaching me patience. I'm just letting it sit and hopefully it'll go up again. Yesterday I had lost 9 cents overall. Have to go check if it's changed today...

Have a great Tuesday. Make it the best day for you!

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Blogger kasiaiscarly said...

Hi. I found your blog from the SP11 participants page. Your blog is one above mine :-) Anyway, I haven't read far back enough to know what you're doing for weight loss, but have you heard of It's totally free and it's pretty great. Super support system along with diet and exercise help. If you end up joining, look me up. . . I'm Zosiapuppy there. . . and there is a knitting group there, too :)

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