August 8, 2007
Thursday Thirteen Edition #25

Thirteen Random things that makes Mitchypoo laugh!

  1. When someone hurts themselves, like stubbing their toe or tripping. It's a bad habit, a sickness maybe in my family but I sometimes can't help but laugh.
  2. When someone can make fun of themselves.
  3. My animals. A constant source of entertainment.
  4. Mark and Brian, my morning radio guys. They are so funny, but not at the expense of others. Well, not always.
  5. When someone compliments me. I usually laugh, not a good compliment taker I guess.
  6. When I see a baby, they make you bubble with joy.
  7. Mom has certain words she can say and make me laugh. Inside jokes.
  8. My best friend. She's always good for a laugh.
  9. My bosses, sometimes they argue or it's kind of just a banter back and forth and all I can do is laugh. My bosses are married to each other too.
  10. The show Last Comic Standing.
  11. Southpark. I love Southpark.
  12. Rob when he imitates an elephant.
  13. A good book. I think the writing is spectacular if it can make you laugh out loud.



Anonymous kailani said...

I don't take compliments very well either. I usually say something dumb in return (not on purpose).

Anonymous Damozel said...

Great list. Nice that you and your mom have inside jokes.

Meanwhile, I am loving this:

Imperial Majesty Mitchypoo the Undefeated of Melbury Bubblewick

"Melbury Bubblewick"? I bet it's pronounced "Melbry Buck", right? In good English fashion?

If you can't laugh at yourself, you're not a cool person. You're cool. Not that anyone is really cool anymore. It seems to be a bit of an outdated term :)

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