September 28, 2007
The gateways to wisdom and learning are always open, and I am choosing to walk through them.

Today is my first weigh in, kind of anxious, or maybe more excited to see if my efforts this week are going to show. I have been totally on program and really feeling good about my efforts this week. I've tried 2 WW recipes, and they were both very good. I'm liking the program a lot.

I'm so happy it's Friday! I can't wait for the weekend. I've had a lot more energy lately so I'm hoping to get some things done over the weekend. I HAVE to get out my SP11 package and also a gift to someone.

I'm not sure I've mentioned it before but if you are on Ravelry, I started a group called cat knits and you are all welcome to come join us. We talk about our furbabies and our knitting/crocheting/crafts. We've also played a couple games of bingo which has been fun for me to put together. That's the other package I have to get mailed. I try to ship as soon as possible, but you know, life gets in the way.

I started a pink Baby Kimono for my boss who needs it for a gift, I'll get that done this weekend I'm sure, I started it last night and I'm about a third done. The pattern is in a garter stitch, but I switched this one to a stockinette and I may embroider some flowers on it. I'm using Knitpicks merino yarn and i love knitting with it. And speaking of Knitpicks, I want those new Harmony needles! Aren't they the coolest! I'm thinking of buying a set for my cousin who is a new knitter. They will be her Christmas present.

I received a book for my Secret Pal that I will include in her next gift but I'm coveting! Oh, this is a cool book and I want it, I want to keep it....but no, I'll be good and give it to the person it was intended for. Can't say which book just in case but I think I found a style of knitting I have to try.

I'll post my weightloss later! (See how confident I am!)

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