September 4, 2007
This year I do the mental work for positive change.

I hope you all had a good long holiday weekend. We all roasted to death here in So. Cal. And unfortunately I mean that literally. I heard last night of an older couple who were found dead in their apartment, they had no a/c or fans and passed away. I've had a couple elderly clients come in today to make a payment and I've asked them if they have fans because I'm scared for them. Yesterday while in the car it was 110 degrees outside! Today it was only 93 at lunch. Isn't that amazing? 17 degrees cooler and it was still 93.

We went to the movies yesterday to get out of the heat for awhile and we saw Superbad. It was really funny, we all enjoyed it. It has a message, but it's subtle. I thought my brother was going to choke, he got to laughing so much. We needed the comic relief. And this theater let's wheelchairs in free so that is very cool!

Looky what I got in the mail! My wine from the Sunset Wine Club! I'll have to post a pic later but I'm so excited. I'm thinking of having a wine tasting dinner party to try the wines out. Or maybe Mamacita and I will just enjoy one, I don't know. But I love the club because they give you information about the individual wines, they also give you recipe cards to meals that will be complimentary to each wine. And with membership I get a discount if I want to buy more bottles and there is all kinds of information online and other recipes. I'm going to have fun with this!

I started the wing on MS3 and I'm so determined to get it done now, I can't wait to get it done and blocked! It's quite repetitive to knit the wing but sometimes I really like repetitive knitting. You kind of get into a rhythm.

I also finished the Prayer Shawl, so I have to take some pics and give to my neighbor. I think it looks nice, but then it's kind of hard to appreciate it because it just seems like it would be hot and hot is not what we want now.

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