September 6, 2007
Thursday Thirteen #28

I'm having a lot of anxiety right now so bare with me....

Thirteen Random things that makes Mitchypoo would rather be doing right now!

  1. Sleeping.
  2. Knitting. It always soothes me.
  3. Having a cup of good English tea. Preferably with a homemade currant scone just out of the oven and Devonshire cream...but that isn't good for my food plan!
  4. In a nice bubbly bathtub, enjoying a glass of wine, reading my book, having some candles glowing and some nice relaxing Zen music.
  5. Laying on the beach catching some sun.
  6. On a tropical beach in the Bahamas.
  7. Having a spa day, a whole day wearing a big huge comfy robe and going for a facial and massage and foot massage...
  8. Finding a yarn store with a nice comfy chair and losing myself in some books, new yarn and a new project.
  9. Book store...checking out magazines I don't have, finding some good reads.
  10. Having lunch at a restaurant, maybe a salad with shrimp....or crab cakes.
  11. Driving up the coast of myself, with the radio blaring.
  12. Touring a winery, sipping the wines.
  13. Cooking in my kitchen, trying a new recipe, cooking is also therapeutic for me.
How come my blinkies won't show up?...the coding is there. Anyone that can help me?

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Blogger Lori said...

Well, Im with you on 1,5,6,7,10,11,& 12....great list. I cant knit and I hate to cook so those 2 things are out:) Happy TT.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. You would think that's my list. Great thirteen!

Blogger Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Great list. I could enjoy doing most of these things.

About the blinkies. Erase what you have and reenter it again. You may have missed a piece with you copied and pasted. Have a great TT. :)

Blogger crissybug said...

Did you read my mind! All of those sound so relaxing! Great list!

Blogger *Rae* said...

Great list I can get lost in a bookstore or hours & yarn stores too..Sleeping is also a plus when your an insomniac like me Happy TT

Blogger Sniz said...

Last week I would have said nearly the same things (only change the yarn store to a scrapbooking one), but this week I am on vacation, so I slept late (number one) and have been sitting on the beach for the last four hours with a cold Corona and lime. (And I have the sunburn to prove it! LOL!) Great, relaxing list! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for sharing this great list of your own!

Anonymous Michael Schurmann said...

You're making me want a vacation!

Relaxing list :-)

Blogger Thorne said...

Oh yes. Driving up PCH by myself, windows down, music blaring. Heaven. It's been awhile. I'd love to go now.

Anonymous Nicholas said...

I did 11 once and it was amazing. I'd love to do it again. And I totally agree with you about #3!

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