October 29, 2007
I am competent and well prepared to handle the tasks before me today. I keep my thoughts in order somy mind is at peace.

Ya, I'll have to keep reading this affirmation today because I feel jumbled and out of sorts. Our computer at home went down, I think it's the power source and I'm kind of lost. And wouldn't you know it is when I had 6 things sell on ebay and I wasn't able to process the order and ship. Stressed...

Had a good weekend though, Saturday we had 2 parties. One in the a.m for my best buds twins at Chuck E. Cheese. It was a lot of fun, they had a great time. Then we took Gary to his other home and Mamacita and I had another party that evening for our neighbors 80th birthday. They are family to us, and I haven't seen a lot of them in a long time so I really enjoyed seeing everyone. It was a very nice party, and I met some really nice, new people too.

My Friday weigh in I was down a total of 10.2 lbs!! And that included the weight from a monitor I had to wear Friday, so my loss was really more. I'm happy.

I was wearing a heart monitor for 24 hours and I've been going through some testing because I've been having some heart palpitations and my dr. wants to make sure everything is OK. This was the thing I didn't want to talk about earlier. Everything looks good so far, I've had EKG, and an echocardiogram and a treadmill stress test, and I'm waiting for the results although everything so far looks good. I want to get the OK to start exercising.

I'm really feeling good about WW and my eating healthy and I feel better. I'm not going to let anything deter me.

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Blogger Lyndsey-Jane said...

well done on your weight loss. Mine has tailored off a bit recently but I've not put any on so its not all bad. I'm useless as loosing weight once it start getting cold, too many hot choclates and lattes. The heat seems to supress my appetite but in the winter I just warm comfort food.
I was born with a heart condition and am going through tests at the moment to see if things need doing. I have am MRI on wednesday and had to have a 24hr blood pressure monitor a while back. I've never had any problems with palpatations and arrythmias, just blood pressure. Hope the results come back positive
Take Care

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yaeh, Michele.

Good work on the diet. Keep it up. You're on a roll!!


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