October 22, 2007
I am in harmony with all of the people, places, and things that surround me in this world. I am at peace.

The LA and San Diego area are in real trouble with fires. It looks like many fires started yesterday and today it's just getting worse and with more fires starting. I last heard that a quarter million people are being evacuated from the San Diego area and there is 17 different fires going. I just heard of the first fire related fatality as well. The fires are surrounding LA from the north, Santa Clarita, Malibu, into the foothills, Arrowhead and now going down into Irvine area and San Diego. Scary, although I'm thankful that we are not directly affected by it. We live by a series of hills and I often worry about that, but we are OK for now. It has affected my work situation today too. I'm not able to start any new business or add coverage, we have a moratorium because of the fires so hopefully that can be lifted soon. I feel really bad for people who are losing their homes. My bosses have a home in the mountains too, but so far they are OK. I cannot imagine losing everything like that.

I never did get that cold. It's so annoying. I guess I'm getting allergies because I don't know how many times I thought, oh here it comes, and then it goes away. I'm thankful to not be all snotty and stuffed up.

I received some yarn in the mail and can't wait to get home tonight, because I may have some more yarn goodness! And again, I finished Hint 3 of the Secret of the Stole by Sunday! I really wish the hints were longer. I'm liking the pattern.

Made a great WW Turkey Chili last night, Mamacita and I put it together and it was really good. Only 3 pts. for a 1 cup serving. Full of onions, garlic and bell pepper, ground turkey and then spices of cumin, cayenne, oregano and we put some jalapeno powder in. Then crushed tomatoes, drained and rinsed black beans and a can of FF refried beans. Very tasty! It was in a WW book, if I find a link I'll post it.



Blogger Janice said...

I hope the fires stay far from you! That would be so scarey!! Congratulations on your weight loss.. you are doing great!! I think that WW is the best thing out there for that as it is more of a lifestyle than a diet!!

Blogger Lulu said...

the fires are the worst ones yet, down here..i am pretified and praying every min...the winds are so bad...oh my god!
stay safe.

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