October 4, 2007
I expect to have good health throughout my life.

I'm still on plan, doing very well with Weight Watchers. I weigh in tomorrow and I can't wait! I'm eating really well, not having cravings, and if I want a snack, I have them, but they are WW snacks and I add the points. I've really been taking care of myself. I find I'm ready for bed earlier and I'm getting a good nights sleep and up early. I'm getting in a routine and it's working for me.

I saw one of the girls in the restroom who is on the plan and we starting talking about how it's going for us and she said she struggles on the weekends. She is young and has a husband, maybe some kids, so I can see where it could be a struggle. And she said her husband won't eat her food. I tried to tell her about the website and that the recipes are simple and really good. Thinking to myself, he wouldn't have to know it was "her food". But inside I heard myself saying, "what a creep, geez, I mean how unsupportive can you be?"... So if I need to find another reason it's OK to not be in a relationship and share my life it's because he could be an unsupportive jerk and then I'd be really unhappy. And I'd have to hurt him.....just kidding. :) I'm grateful to have a Mamacita who is very supportive and she is also wanting to lose so it's great for us.

I've also got the Fast Food Monster at bay. You know, the one who bugs you all the time and says, "oh, you don't have any time, just stop quick and have some fish tacos and french fries. And you'll feel better....promise. " He's been kicked to the curb. I take a little time in the a.m. to pack my breakfast and lunch which is usually a salad, just field greens, and some feta cheese, and then a frozen entree. For now, that is working. I also take a fat free pudding or sugar free jello and some fruit. For breakfast i bring bran flakes and some ff milk. It's so simple.

I got my copy of Crazy Aunt Purl's Drunk, Divorced & Covered in Cat Hair. I had preordered it months ago and am a little peeved at Amazon because when it was in, I should have been one of the first for it to ship, but I had to cancel and reorder to get it to ship which doesn't seem right. But the book is really enjoyable. Well, if you read Crazy Aunt Purl, you can just imagine. It seems they've edited some of her southernness out of the book which I wish they had not done.

Mamacita and I have spa appointments Saturday morning and then we're going to lunch at the beach. I can not wait! I'm having a massage....guess this means I'll have to shave my legs!



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