November 14, 2007
Lucky caffeinated me!

Looksee what I received yesterday! This is the fabulous package that I received from Janice for the Knitter's Coffeeswap 3! She is so thoughtful! It came at a good time too, I wasn't feeling great and had a hard day and it was a nice surprise to come home to. The package has a Caribou theme! My favorite coffee is from Caribou Coffee which I had while living in MN, but now that I'm in So. CA and in Starbucks land, I miss my Caribou. So she sent some Caribou blend whole beans and beans from her local coffee shop which is so cool. And this is a metal sign that says, Life is too Short for Bad Coffee! I totally agree!She also sent a Pampered Chef coffee scooper and clip to seal your bag, a Caribou mug which is way cool and I love the colors, Caribou bars which look yummy and she even figured out the Weight Watcher points for me, isn't that thoughtful! And on top of that is 2 skeins of this soft yummy yarn called Peppermint Mocha which is so scrumptious and I will have to start a pair of socks for me very soon! I love everything Janice, thank you so much.

I didn't go to work today, just wasn't feeling well. (Paul, look away now!!) Girl troubles, but TOM came this a.m. so I'm already better. And I have to report something I'm proud of. Yesterday I was having a not so good day and was trying to talk myself into going out for lunch. Cuz I wanted to EAT! I was craving fat something fierce and would have killed for a burger and fries. But I brought lunch, I knew it was because I was upset and because of PMS, but I was going to eat out anyway. So I fought myself for about an hour and then I just heated up my lunch and ate at work and I felt like I won one for me! I was able to stop myself from the emotional eating! Yeah me! It's a big deal to me.

We got our new laptop today and I was able to set up our wireless router and I'm in love! I'm sitting on the couch and watching Project Runway and I'm in geek heaven!

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Blogger Janice said...

You are welcome!! I am so glad you like everything! I had fun putting it together for you! I've made a pair of socks with that yarn and they are yummy!

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