November 23, 2007
Thanksgiving 2007

We had a wonderful time at my Aunt and Uncle's house yesterday. The drive out there was not too bad. We hit traffic at one accident that looked like it just happened. A car was upside down on the freeway but it looked like the driver was out of the car and OK. I hope no one was hurt. We were in the traffic going to Las Vegas but it was OK. There were about 12 of us for dinner and what a feast we had! My uncle prepared a 24 lb. bird! It was huge! And very tasty. And I felt wonderful because I wasn't deprived, I had a very nice meal and even a small piece of pumpkin pie and I only used about 4 of my weekly allowance points!

I weighed in this a.m. since we are not having a meeting today and I was down 3.2 lbs! So I hit my 15 lb. mark and I'm just thrilled!

No shopping for me today, heck no, I hate those crowds. But I am going to decorate for Christmas today! I feel really festive! Already!

I'll leave you with some holiday pics! And I know this will sound horrible probably, but this was the first pic of me that I actually like and don't think I look fat! I'm happy!

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Blogger Lulu said...

wow, it all looks so wonderful..
you look beautiful..

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your holiday pictures. You look wonderful. Weight Watchers rocks! Keep up the resolve and keep on losing. It is sooo worth it as you already know.

My very best to Mamacita.


Blogger ohhmama! said...

Oh my goodness! I have to say that I was about to close down my computer and head for bed, but I thought I'd check my google reader, which is when I saw your new !!!gorgeous picture!!!
You look so darn great! I just had to tell you :0) Love your hair. Makeup. Everything.

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