November 8, 2007
Thursday Thirteen #34

In my effort for my blog to be more about Losing than Knitting right now I give to you 13 quotes for weight loss. Happy Thursday Thirteen!
  1. "What you did in the past, though it might have made you the person you are today, has absolutely no bearing on what you do in the future."
  2. "The quality of your fuel determines the quality of your body."
  3. "You didn't get out of shape and unhealthy overnight, and you won't get fit and healthy overnight - despite what the infomercials tell you"
  4. "I wake up every day with the realization that this is it, that there's only one shot at this life and I can either enjoy the ride and live it to its fullest and to my highest potential or I can mess it up and go back to being that fat person who was eating his/her way to four hundred pounds."
  5. "The closer a food is to its natural state, the better it probably is for you. "
  6. "You can complain about being fat or you can do something about it. Which do you choose? "
  7. "My potential now versus my potential then is the single biggest difference in my life, I think, because that potential is what changes "I can't" into "I can".
  8. "The more specific your vision is, the better your chances of making it a reality."
  9. "A real transformation begins on the inside, not in a bottle or a package. The magic is sitting inside you, just waiting to be let out. The transformation is a learning process, one that comes from realizing you control your destiny, and that you can accomplish whatever you decide you're going to accomplish."
  10. "Make the decision, then do something - no matter how small - toward accomplishing what you want."
  11. "Forgiveness doesn't mean forgetting what you did to get this way. It doesn't mean you're not responsible for the actions you took to get here. It means you acknowledge that you're not perfect, that you make (and have made) mistakes, and that you choose to love yourself and let them go. Regardless. "
  12. "If you didn't need a pill to get fat, why would you need one to get un-fat?"
  13. "Let me ask a question: if you're not willing to change yourself right now, what makes you think you'll be willing to change yourself next week?"

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Anonymous Deb said...

Nice Thursday post! I love Thursdays because Earl, the Office, Greys Anatomy, and ER are all on! That means no laundry after 7:30! I have posted my thursday blog come on over and visit!


Blogger jenn said...

I need to print those out and stick them on my fridge!

Blogger Patti said...

Great TT and timely too since I just restarted Weight Watchers today! :) Hugs!

Blogger Dane Bramage said...

I will have to copy these and try to adhere to them. They make so much sense.

My T13 number #55 is up. This week’s 100% stolen idea is about 13 Favorite T.V. Theme Songs I’m betting there are a couple you never heard of. And you can listen to them all! Stop on by when you get a chance.

Anonymous beth said...

"If you didn't need a pill to get fat, why would you need one to get un-fat?"

That's brilliant!! So true.

You are the Thursday Thirteen featured post this week. Congratulations!

Blogger Sassy Lucy said...

Excellent Mitchypoo very uplifting and good reminders for those of us who need to lose weight and stay healthy....and hey you're featured T13er this week, Yeah!

Blogger Mitchypoo said...

OMG! How cool is that!?

Anonymous ellen b said...

Congratulations! Happy TT to you. I love #12!

Those are great quotes. They really are motivators, aren't they?

Good luck on the losing; it's hard but it's a battle well fought.

Happy TT!

Blogger J. Lynne said...

Very inspirational! Congrats on making the TT front page. :)

Happy TT!

Blogger Tink said...

Inspiring, great list! My losing weight is more gaining at the moment :-(, but I'll get back on track soon I hope!
My TT is about symbols.

Anonymous Nicholas said...

I'm glad to say I am the perfect weight. I just need to be a few inches taller!

Blogger Nap Warden said...

Great quotes...It's hard not to be tempted, these quotes certainly help!

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