December 1, 2007

I somehow bought a duplicate copy of Spin Off Magazine, Fall 2007 and so therefore I'm offering it to whomever first sends me an email with your snail mail or perhaps you know someone who spins and would like a copy. Just email me with their address and I'll be happy to send it. I don't care who it is I'm sending it to, I'd just like it to be wanted. Can you put the subject to "Freebie" so I know it's for that! Thanks!

I'm feeling under the weather today. I'm pretty sure I'm finally getting that cold that's been going around and that I've been talking about getting all summer. I don't think I'll be so lucky to fend it off this time. Unfortunately, it's starting out as an ear ache. I had some running around to do today, and then I got a little Christmas shopping done, but I didn't have the energy to continue.

Then it was home and we have the house being cleaned today, so of course you can't just sit and watch them (because that feels so rude) so I've been cleaning and sorting and now I really feel like crap.

I did go to the Chiropractor yesterday, to one I've never been to. In fact, it's been a couple years since I've been and alleluia, my insurance covers chiro! I'm going for my migraines. After that last one, I have to try this. I really liked Dr.W, we related well and he gave me a good adjustment. He worked mainly on my neck, in fact, I'm sore today from his working on me, it's to be expected I guess. I'm going again in 2 weeks and we'll see from there what I need to do.

I weighed in yesterday and I was down over the 2 weeks and over Thanksgiving but not by much. I was disappointed and know today that I really shouldn't be. So I'm moving on.

And just because he's so cute, here's a pic of our Tommy boy!

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I'd love a copy of Spin-Off. If you are willing to send to the Netherlands. My email;

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