December 17, 2007
Goodies in the mail...

I have a favor to ask...I have a friend who's having a really hard time right now. She's married and has 3 little girls and she lost her job today. Long story, but she was not expecting this and is really having a hard time. Would you consider sending her a note of cheer? She reads this blog periodically and she hears about all you bloggers and how cool you are and she's even learning how to knit and may join us someday, but I would love for her to know that she is being thought of. If you want to send her a note, please do so at and you can put in the subject line, From a Friend of Mitchypoo... thank you!
Now, let me show you what my sweet Secret Pal Sassy from Knit, Shower and Shave sent me! I'm sorry it took me so long to post pics but I had so much going on this weekend I couldn't take pics until tonight. But would you look at my goodies, she said she was going to spoil me and wowsy, she sure did. K, first of all, there are 2 things not included in this pic because I took them to work. One is an adorable green felted box, perfect size for me to put my business cards in and there is this adorable pink ribbon around the top, it is just adorable. The other thing is a really cute holiday ornament snowman and that greets my customers. I love it! Then in the pic there is 3 skeins of a beautiful silver gray bamboo yarn from Plymouth yarn. I've wanted to knit bamboo and now I have the opportunity. It's such a pretty color and I think I'll have to find the perfect scarf pattern that will show off the yarn. The beautiful yellow, orange, light pink and light green yarn is The Painted Sheep Superwash Merino in the Foot Prints color. It's soft and squishy and I can't wait to knit me a pair of socks out of it! The blue skein is Trekking XXL from Germany and again, it's going to make a nice pair of socks! and THEN there is 3 skeins of Mille Colori from Lang Yarns in this beautiful teal, blue, purple color. I wish you could feel it. Then there is this really cute bag that I will definitely be using to pack a project with me and an adorable red Peace coffee mug that I'll be using soon and a Sundried Tomato Dip that looks yummy, I may take it with us to my Aunt and Uncle's for Christmas Eve. There is a Knitting Notes journal that I'm going to log my projects when I start because I forget. Then there is a cute pink journal and a monogram journal. And...a cute tin of Newman's Own Organics Wintergreen Mints.
And you know the best part about Sassy? She not only is a great pal, generous, sweet.....but she's really nice and I feel like I've made a friend. We seem to have a lot of things in common. Thank you Sassy, you are the best!

So I came home tonight and had a package from Ada in the Netherlands. It is her offering from the Pay It Forward offer. She is a soapmaker and I am so impressed! They all smell so pretty and one of them has coffee in it.

And so here is some varied pics I've taken lately. This is the beautiful pink poinsettia that Mamacita found. I just love it and it matches our tree just perfectly!

Here's some kitty pics of Tom and Henry

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Blogger Sassy Lucy said...

Sorry to hear about your friend, what wonderful gift baskets you received.

Blogger Sassy Knitter said...

I am so glad you enjoyed everything! I had so much fun shopping for you.

My person only sent me one small box and then dropped off and I did not hear from them since the beginning of October :(

I liked the coffee swap so much more and will do that again - but I may not do SP again.

I hope everything is going well for you! our kitty pics are SO cute!!

Take care and talk soon -

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