December 6, 2007
Holiday Spirit!

I spent the day today listening to Holiday music and it's really put me in the spirit. Even though my boss is bah humbug and admits he's a grouch, he cannot take away my Spirit. And my Thursday Thirteen was about Sinterklaas and it seems everyone TT was about the holidays so I'm really feeling it.

Mamacita and I went shopping tonight and got some more things for our beautiful tree. We also got the kitties a Christmas hat and collar. Tom was not happy about it at all, but Henry was pretty good about it. I hope this remix plays for you so you can see our tree and some holiday cat pics!

I had an email today from my old boss in MN and she is starting a new business venture and she asked me to consider selling my scarves and knit wear thru her. How cool is that? The hardest part will be to figure out pricing. I just hate that part of it because I feel my work is worth something although I know you never get the full amount due and I want my family friend and myself to make money. So how do you do that? I have to work on it, figuring it out.

I think I maybe should start this post with..."My name is Michele and I am a yarnaholic". Go on....i hear you say it in your head, "Hi Michele". I broke my yarn diet and I succumbed to the temptation and bought some Claudia Handpainted yarn. The color is called black walnut and it looks like this:

I mean, can you blame me? Is it not gorgeous? And it was on sale to boot!

Oh, incase you haven't seen it yet, Knitty is out! I have to make Ice Queen, I just love that. I also like the slippery socks and do you know the designer is a high school student!

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