January 30, 2008
I allow my body, mind, and emotions to relax.

I started Weight Watchers again at work. We will have a 12 week class and it's so convenient for me to just go to another part of the building to weigh in and then at noon I take my lunch over there and we have the meeting. I adore our Leader Daryl...he's motivating and caring and funny. I missed him but I'm so happy to start again. Good news, I for sure, according to WW scales did not gain over the holidays. Bad news, our home scale sucks! There is such a huge difference between the two, I'm saving up now for a really decent home scale. We had a great meeting discussing ways to handle the big Super Bowl Sunday and all the parties and get togethers. I don't have to worry, I'm not going to someones party so I have more control at home with my family.

Fighting a headache today too. Not a migraine, it's different but it's still related to my monthly I think. I'm taking stuff during PMS at the advice of my Dr. but it's still bothering me. It's not bad enough to go home, my boss told me I can if I want, but I have an appointment tonight after work so I'm trying to hang in there.

My social life is looking up, not going to say anything yet but it's good stuff! Perhaps Valentine's day will actually be celebrated this year!



Blogger The Mama Bear said...

Good luck with the WW, we had that option at my old employer.
Oh, I am hoping their is a Valentine for you this year, how sweet that would be. Hope the headache is better!
Mama Bear hugs

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