January 10, 2008
Thursday Thirteen #42

Thirteen Things about Mitchypoo
  1. I had to go to the Dr. today and found out that I did not gain ANY weight over the holidays!
  2. My last weigh in was December 14 and so I am very happy about not gaining. I was exactly the same. Well, actually to be technical I was .6 or .8 of a lb. less!
  3. But I do need to find a meeting because I'm not sure they are going to start again the 3rd week of January at work.
  4. I just created my 1st sock pattern and it may be published in an online knit magazine this month!
  5. I have a surprise for all my knitterly friends coming up very soon.... oh, the excitement! I wish I could tell you now...
  6. I will have some big changes coming up in February that I don't want to tell you about yet. Sorry to be so secretive. (But it doesn't matter because I'm convinced I'm the only one that reads this.)
  7. I've been sick and off work for 2 days and I didn't blog once until now.
  8. The beginning of this year 2008 so far has been wonderful. I've had a lot of things come together and things are moving in a positive direction for me.
  9. I've found that I love listening to podcasts! Ever since I got an ipod Nano from Mamacita. It's sooooo cool!
  10. I'm really afraid that Amy Winehouse is going to meet an early demise and I'm so sad because she's sooo talented. Poor thing.
  11. I wish the Writer's Strike would end. I feel bad for them and I'm getting tired of reruns.
  12. I like the new show Cashmere Mafia. It's like a TV version of Sex and the City. The theme music sounds strangely familiar. I don't know how they get away with it. But the characters are likable.
  13. How odd that I also like the perfume Cashmere Mist by Donna Karan. It's luxurious and subtle and I like how it smells later in the day, you move a certain way and it's still pleasant.
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Blogger Mo said...

Great list! I haven't watched Cashmere Mafia yet, but I loved Sex in the City, so I think I'll give it a go. I am also tired of the writer's strike. I wish they would just reach an agreement so they could start working on my favorite shows again. I'm afraid for Amy Winehouse too. What do you think of her new blond hair? I'm not sure yet. I'm also worried Britney Spears will die an early death...I'd feel so bad for her boys.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are not the only one reading this, and we to be kept in suspense!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oops, I missed an important word.

We LOVE to be kept in suspense!

Blogger Ariel said...

Here's another one that reads your blog. :-)

Blogger Penelope Anne said...

You are not the only reader you goofball!!!!
Now, yeah no weight gain, and another yeah on the pattern maybe getting published very cool!

Hoping when I see my doc I have no gain from the holidays too.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course you know that I check this every day. I am the only one doing the daily trivia quiz, though.


Anonymous Nicholas said...

re3 #6 wrongggg!!! I read it too! And good luck with them, whatever they are!

Anonymous Sharon said...

Hey I read! And I'm curious.Spill your secrets, girl.
I'm enjoying Cashmere Mafia too, although it is not anywhere as engaging a cast as SATC. Too soon to tell how it will develop. But in the first two episodes, the ladies all have quite an edge to them. We'll see how it goes.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm so with you on the writer's strike...work it out already!!!LOL


Blogger Tink said...

Congrats on not gaining weight in December, wow! I started anew last week.
Thanks for visiting my expensive cities TT.

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