January 17, 2008
Thursday Thirteen #43

Thirteen Things about Mitchypoo. Why I love living in California.
  1. It's the middle of winter, but the temps are mild.
  2. I can see the beautiful snow topped mountains on my way to work.
  3. Most people are very friendly. Very pleasant and accommodating.
  4. I can go to the beach, the desert, and the mountains, all in one day if I wanted to.
  5. Most people are pretty casual in their dress.
  6. In-n-Out Burger....
  7. It's not hard to find a great Thai or Vietnamese or authentic Mexican food restaurants.
  8. Christmas Day is usually clear and sunny and warm.
  9. There is so much to do for entertainment. You name it, we have it.
  10. We have great art museums.
  11. We have access to great organic produce.
  12. We can drive to Las Vegas in about 5 hours.
  13. We have great spas and resorts.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Driving distance to Vegas sounds a bit dangerous, but the rest are wonderful.

Blogger {Karla} said...

I've been through California and thought it was lovely. So many different landscapes.

Happy T13

Blogger TeaMouse said...

Wishing I lived in California today for sure - all I see out my window is snow, snow and more snow!

Blogger Penelope Anne said...

I could consider a visit, but I like Wisconsin even though it is snowing yet again.
Nice list, and mine is up. Good luck with your new knitting project...you are so talented, cannot wait to get my Pay It Forward, let me know when you need my address. I have 2 of my Pay It forward's done and just need to send them, before winter is over.

Blogger Lisa said...

#6 - enough said!!! And how I miss the beach!

Great 13, it made me homesick :)

Blogger Nissa said...

Thanks for making me jealous!

We got snow in Atlanta! ugh!

Happy TT!

Blogger Jeannine said...

Hey you - OK I have to say this but "In-n-Out Burger...? Do you realize how disgusting this sounds???
Sounds great, but I would miss my snow too much!
Happy TT.

Blogger Eve said...

I lived in Phoenix for 7 years. I do not miss snow when I'm away from it. I am totally envious of your good weather. Even the Santa Anna's can't scare me away. Mud slides, yes; Santa Anna's, no. We have had an increasing amount of snow on the ground since Christmas Eve when we got about 8 inches, and it has been snowing again all day today. I WANT SPRING!!! This too will pass, but will my sanity go with it?

Thanks for dropping by and leaving me a comment. My 13 Good Things are here if anyone is interested.

Blogger AJ Chase said...

I lived in California and the weather was really always the best part. As I sit here its fifteen outside and I'm a little jealous of you.

Blogger Zenmomma said...

It's so wonderful to actually love where you live. It makes all the difference.

Blogger forgetfulone said...

Sounds wonderful to me!

Blogger Chelle Y. said...

I love living here. We also have a hockey arena, basketball stadium, two baseball parks, and soccer all within a 30 mile radius too.

Not to mention the amusement parks. :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds great! Here is southeast TX our weather is probably pretty similar. Although, it sounds like there is much more to do on the west coast! Thanks for stopping by my site!


Anonymous Nicholas said...

You paint a wonderful picture. We get some of those benefits in Florida too. I remember the In-And-Out from my visits to California. I always enjoyed eating there.

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