March 13, 2008
I feed my body nourishing foods and beverages, and I exercise in ways that are fun.

I was happy at my weigh in yesterday. I lost .2 lbs. and I was happy with that because of it being my birthday week. I've been out to eat several times, have had leftovers from eating out and I had a few cupcakes....just a few. Ok, maybe more than a few! We had a great meeting. We talked about detours, bumps in the road and how we deal with them. I feel once more, motivated. That's the value of meetings to me. I did some knitting in the meeting, and it's interesting how people react to KIPing (Knitting in Public). People are usually intrigued, some of them commented on how tiny the knit was, I'm working on a pair of Firestarter socks. It was great for me to knit and also it helped me concentrate on the meeting.

I'm reading A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. It's one of those books that is difficult for me to really get in to. It's sort of how I feel about philosophy, I understand it, but it takes some effort to really grasp. But I read something in there that really hit me and I keep thinking about. He was talking about the ego and how we need to get out of our head and he was talking about eating disorders. Now, I've never been bulimic or anorexic, although some wondered in my younger very skinny days. But I relate to some eating disorders and can now admit that I am an emotional eater. It's been my comforter, my soother and it causes me some trouble. So I'm really trying to understand it and not let it be such a problem for me. So what he was saying regarding someone who was bulimic i think is that, Their mind is hungry, not their body. Yes! That makes sense to me. So I'm being very conscious of what I'm doing these days. Am I really hungry? Or is it something else that I'm seeking? And when I need to I tell myself, My mind is hungry, not my body.

It looks like we'll get some more rain this weekend. It's cloudy and overcast today and it'll rain over the weekend, time to make soup! And I'll finish those Firestarters. Pics to follow.

Oh, the pic below is a tulip. I didn't take the pic, but think it's beautiful.

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Blogger Lorraine said...

Michele- I knit at my WW meetings- they think it's cool that I'm doing that instead of eating. I can eat without my hands.

I read the book, and I think he has some valid points- but I'm not sure how they apply in todays world.

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